A0 - Adjuster, L Slide (Inner), OEM Acura part #81670-ST7-A03

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Here you will find information about A0 - Adjuster, L Slide (Inner). Each part in online catalog has a unique oem parts number.

Acura L Slide (Inner), part #81670-ST7-A03
  • Manufactured: Acura
  • Part number: 81670-ST7-A03
  • Part: Adjuster, L Slide (Inner)
  • Replaces: 81670-ST7-A01, 81670-ST7-A02
  • Price: $86.15

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
1994AcuraINTEGRA HATCHBACK4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualGS-R, LS, RS
1995AcuraINTEGRA HATCHBACK4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualGS-R, GS-R (LEATHER), LS, LS (SPECIAL), RS
1996AcuraINTEGRA HATCHBACK4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualGS-R, GS-R (LEATHER), LS, LS (SPECIAL), RS
1997AcuraINTEGRA HATCHBACK4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualGS (LEATHER), GS-R, GS-R (LEATHER), LS, RS, TYPE-R
1998AcuraINTEGRA HATCHBACK4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualRS, TYPE-R
1999AcuraINTEGRA HATCHBACK4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualRS

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A0UQ89311-SDA-A11 + Label, Jack Caution$17.48
A0UR77887-SS0-A90 + Label, Module Caution$6.37
A0UL38205-TK4-A01 + Label, Driver Fuse$2.06
A0UX34102-SJA-013 + Lamp Unit$17.03
A0UD51210-SR3-N10 + Knuckle, R Front (ABS)$361.98
A0UB51210-TA0-020 + Knuckle, R Front$310.50
A0UK80050-SP0-H01 + Label, Air Conditioner Caution(HFC134A)$2.17
A0U533302-SL0-A02 + Lamp Unit, R$206.13
A0UZ33352-SL0-A02 + Lamp Unit, L$206.13
A0UH04816-S3M-A13ZC + L.Front.Seat Belt*YR169L$86.13
A0U134156-STX-A02 + Lamp Unit, L Lid$80.98
A0U933501-S3V-A02 + Lamp Unit, R Tail$351.27
A0UV42767-SEP-A01 + Label, Spare Tire Caution (T-Type)(English)$3.48
A0UN77804-SP0-A80 + Label, Driver Module Warning$5.28
A0UM77894-SP0-A80 + Label, Driver Module Danger$5.28
A0UA51210-SZ3-010 + Knuckle, R Front$360.20
A0UG04816-S3M-A13ZB + L.Front.Seat Belt*NH167L$86.13
A0U633501-SL0-A02 + Lamp Unit, R$482.24
A0U033551-SL0-A02 + Lamp Unit, L$482.24
A0UI17273-PR7-A06 + Label, Air Cleaner$3.56
A0UW34254-SW5-003 + Lamp Assembly, Glove Box$20.68
A0UT81459-SP1-A21 + Label, Pre-tensioner Caution$4.33
A0U433551-SZN-A03 + Lamp Unit, L Tail$239.95
A0FU84630-SJA-A04ZA + Garnish, Trunk Lid *NH528L* (Moon Lake Gray)$234.43
A0FF83431-SJA-013ZA + Garnish, R Side Console *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$40.69
A0FS77231-SZ3-A02ZB + Garnish, Switch *NH283L* (Quartz Gray)$28.16
A0F318229-SEA-013 + Gasket, Ex Flexible$35.13
A0FE84201-SL0-A01ZE + Garnish, R Side *YR167L* (Light Tan)$160.33
A0FC84201-SL0-A01ZA + Garnish, R Side *NH1L* (Black)$160.33
A0FJ84601-S3M-A02ZA + Garnish, R Trunk Side *NH85L* (Gray Eleven)$92.36
A0FO74890-SZN-A12 + Garnish, Rear License$86.51
A0FY12030-RYE-A01 + Gasket Set, Head Cover$40.01
A0F718115-P8E-A01 + Gasket, Ex Manifold (Nippon Leakless)$23.01
A0F818115-PBY-J02 + Gasket, Ex Manifold (Nippon Leakless)$22.32
A0F217123-P5A-004 + Gasket, Egr Cover (Nippon Leakless)$3.63
A0FP75520-SL0-A02 + Garnish, Rear Panel$386.81
A0FQ74848-SL0-T02ZA + Garnish, Roof Cover Opener *NH1L* (Black)$35.04
A0FR77231-SZ3-A02ZA + Garnish, Switch *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$32.60
A0FL83403-SEP-A01ZB + Garnish, Rear Console *NH528L* (Moon Lake Gray)$70.95
A0FX76807-SE4-A02 + Gasket (T-Type) (Denso)$7.27
A0FD84201-SL0-A01ZB + Garnish, R Side *NH208L* (Platinum White)$160.33
A0FB84213-SJA-A02ZA + Garnish, R Rear Side (Outer) *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$12.93
A0FK83403-SEP-A01ZA + Garnish, Rear Console *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$70.95
A0F518229-SNE-A01 + Gasket, Ex Flexible$12.17
A0FZ17574-SE0-000 + Gasket, Base$8.06
A0FH83431-SJA-013ZC + Garnish, R Side Console *YR240L* (Light Cream Ivory)$40.69
A0F119012-PD2-004 + Gasket, Drain (Toyo)$2.39
A0F912341-RCA-A01 + Gasket, Head Cover$8.73
A0FV83417-SJA-G01ZC + Garnish, USB & Auxiliary *YR372L* (Premium Ivory)$10.87
A0FN83403-SEP-A01ZD + Garnish, Rear Console *YR240L* (Light Cream Ivory)$70.95
A0FM83403-SEP-A01ZC + Garnish, Rear Console *YR167L* (Light Tan)$70.95
A0FA72942-STK-A01ZA + Garnish, R Rear Sash (Inner) *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$45.86
A0FG83431-SJA-013ZB + Garnish, R Side Console *NH556L* (Grayge)$40.69
A0F618115-P30-013 + Gasket, Ex Manifold (Nippon Leakless)$19.53
A0F037801-SV4-L01 + Gasket, Base$19.47
A0FI71801-SL0-305ZZ + Garnish, R Side Sill$1241.97
A0FW81361-STX-A02ZB + Garnish, Walk-In *NH556L* (Grayge)$75.27
A0FT84630-SJA-A02ZA + Garnish, Trunk Lid *NH528L* (Moon Lake Gray)$234.43
A0F418229-SLJ-033 + Gasket, Ex Flexible$31.47
A0SU04809-SZ3-A04 + Key & Unit Assembly, Immobilizer$370.29
A0SF44014-TK5-A51 + Joint Set, Outboard (Ntn)$205.49
A0SS44310-TA1-A10 + Joint, Inboard$223.45
A0S377500-SEP-305ZC + Kit, Box Glove*YR167L$219.37
A0SE44014-STX-A51 + Joint Set, Outboard (Ntn)$192.42
A0SC44014-TL1-E52 + Joint Set, Outboard$312.19
A0SJ44310-S10-A10 + Joint, Inboard$374.82
A0SO44310-STK-A91 + Joint, Inboard$290.26
A0SY35111-STX-326 + Key, Immobilizer & Transmitter(Blank)$65.87
A0S773162-TL2-305ZC + Kit, Front Garnish Assembly L Windshield Side *NH624P* (Premium White Pearl)$180.90
A0S873162-TL2-305ZD + Kit, Front Garnish Assembly L Windshield Side *NH731P* (Crystal Black Pearl)$180.90
A0S277500-SEP-305ZB + Kit, Box Glove*NH528L$219.37
A0SP44310-STK-A92 + Joint, Inboard$290.26
A0SQ44310-STX-A12 + Joint, Inboard$174.27
A0SR44310-TA0-A60 + Joint, Inboard$296.85
A0SL44310-S3V-A72 + Joint, Inboard$255.04
A0SX35111-STX-325 + Key, Immobilizer & Transmitter(Blank)$65.87
A0SD44014-TX4-A01 + Joint Set, Outboard$200.66
A0SB44014-TA0-A51 + Joint Set, Outboard$309.72
A0SK44310-S3V-A02 + Joint, Inboard$255.04
A0S506301-PR4-A01 + Kit, Distributor Housing$142.38
A0SZ06171-RBA-305 + Kit, Air Intake$16.86
A0SH17231-PY3-000 + Joint, Air Cleaner$26.42
A0S177500-SEP-305ZA + Kit, Box Glove*NH167L$219.37
A0S973162-TL2-305ZE + Kit, Front Garnish Assembly L Windshield Side *NH736M* (Grigio Metallic)$180.90
A0SV35111-STX-317 + Key, Immobilizer & Transmitter(Blank)$65.87
A0SN44310-S3X-900 + Joint, Inboard$378.56
A0SM44310-S3X-300 + Joint, Inboard$378.56
A0SA44014-SZ3-C62 + Joint Set, Outboard$334.52
A0SG76830-SM1-004 + Joint Y, Washer (Denso)$5.90
A0S673162-TL2-305ZB + Kit, Front Garnish Assembly L Windshield Side *B553P* (Cobalt Blue Pearl)$180.90
A0S006780-S3V-A20ZA + Kit, As Mo*NH167L*$981.88
A0SI51220-S04-003 + Joint, Ball (Lower) (Musashi)$66.32
A0SW35111-STX-319 + Key, Immobilizer & Transmitter(Blank)$65.87
A0ST44310-TZ8-305 + Joint, Inboard$290.80
A0S477500-SEP-305ZD + Kit, Box Glove*YR240L$219.37