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Acura Acc Unit, part #36700-STX-A12
  • Manufactured: Acura
  • Part number: 36700-STX-A12
  • Part: Acc Unit
  • Replaces: 36700-STX-A11
  • Price: $577.33

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2010AcuraMDX 5-DOOR6 Speed AutomaticSPRT, SPRT (ENTERTAINMENT)

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Catalog NumberPart NumberImagePart NamePrice
AHUU81638-S7A-G02ZC + Cover, L Reclining *YR233L* (Titanium)$26.47
AHUF82521-SEC-A52ZB + Cover, L Rear Seat-Back Trim *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$887.89
AHUS81638-SZ3-A02ZD + Cover, L Reclining *NH283L* (Quartz Gray)$59.77
AHU304811-TL2-305ZA + Cover, R *NH556L*$979.83
AHUE82521-S6M-A12ZA + Cover, L Rear Seat-Back Trim *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$1072.00
AHUC82521-SJA-A03ZH + Cover, L Rear Seat-Back Trim (Type F) (Leather)$983.54
AHUJ82521-TL0-G13ZB + Cover, L Rear Seat-Back Trim *NH690L* (Leather) (Premium Black)$626.03
AHUO82521-TL0-G13ZC + Cover, L Rear Seat-Back Trim *YR372L* (Leather) (Premium Ivory)$626.03
AHUY12500-PRB-A02 + Cover, Plug Hole Coil$45.26
AHU772016-SJA-305ZG + Cover, R *NH686M* (Medium Silver Metallic)$59.35
AHU804811-TL2-305ZB + Cover, R *NH690L*$979.83
AHU281327-S3V-305ZA + Cover, R *NH167L*$243.66
AHUP81638-TK4-H00ZB + Cover, L Recl*NH690L*$60.63
AHUQ81638-TY2-A02ZC + Cover, L Reclining (Outer) *NH690L* (Premium Black)$35.01
AHUR81638-SZ3-A02ZA + Cover, L Reclining *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$59.77
AHUL82521-TZ5-A01ZC + Cover, L Rear Seat-Back Trim *NH690L* (Premium Black)$129.76
AHUX77346-SEP-A00ZA + Cover, Passenger (Lower) *NH1L* (Black)$113.63
AHUD82521-S6M-A02ZA + Cover, L Rear Seat-Back Trim *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$314.77
AHUB82521-SJA-A03ZF + Cover, L Rear Seat-Back Trim (Type A) (Leather)$983.54
AHUK82521-TZ3-A12ZA + Cover, L Rear Seat-Back Trim *NH690L* (Leather) (Premium Black)$228.85
AHU572016-SJA-305ZE + Cover, R *NH658P* (Graphite Pearl)$59.35
AHUZ72016-SJA-305ZA + Cover, R *B522M* (Meteor Silver Metallic)$59.35
AHUH82521-SEC-A52ZD + Cover, L Rear Seat-Back Trim *NH528L* (Leather) (Moon Lake Gray)$887.89
AHU172016-SJA-305ZC + Cover, R *B92P* (Nighthawk Black Pearl)$59.35
AHU972016-SJA-305ZK + Cover, R *NH727M* (Platinum Frost Metallic)$59.35
AHUV81529-TE0-A42 + Cover, Lumbar Motor$35.01
AHUN82521-SEC-A52ZC + Cover, L Rear Seat-Back Trim *YR240L* (Leather) (Light Cream Ivory)$887.89
AHUM82521-TZ5-A61ZC + Cover, L Rear Seat-Back Trim *NH690L* (Premium Black)$136.81
AHUA74556-SZN-A02 + Cover, L Rear Fender$72.16
AHUG82521-SJA-A02ZA + Cover, L Rear Seat-Back Trim *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$983.54
AHU672016-SJA-305ZF + Cover, R *NH685M* (Celestial Silver Metallic)$59.35
AHU072016-SJA-305ZB + Cover, R *B532P* (Opulent Blue Pearl)$59.35
AHUI82521-SJA-A02ZB + Cover, L Rear Seat-Back Trim *NH556L* (Leather) (Grayge)$983.54
AHUW77392-SL0-T01ZA + Cover, Passenger (Lower) *NH188L* (Real Black)$227.27
AHUT81638-SZ3-A02ZC + Cover, L Reclining *YR169L* (Mild Beige)$59.77
AHU472016-SJA-305ZD + Cover, R *NH624P* (Premium White Pearl)$59.35
AHFU81235-ST7-005 + Cable$17.02
AHFF52365-S6M-004 + Bush, Rear Arm (Lower) (Outer)$16.74
AHFS78521-SZ3-013ZA + Button, R Horn *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$14.25
AHF374411-SK7-A02 + Cable, Fuel Lid Opener$38.89
AHFE52365-SK7-A02 + Bush, Rear Arm (Lower) (Hokushin)$27.48
AHFC51392-ST7-013 + Bush, Front Arm (Lower)$30.94
AHFJ51306-STX-A12 + Bush, Stabilizer Holder$4.89
AHFO77231-SJA-003ZA + Button Assembly *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$11.38
AHFY32410-S3V-A01 + Cable Assembly, Starter$80.73
AHF782225-TX4-A02 + Cable, Lever$29.64
AHF881266-SZ3-A83 + Cable, Power Slide Adjuster$30.99
AHF274411-SL0-A02 + Cable, Fuel Lid Open$72.35
AHFP78522-SZ3-013ZA + Button, L Horn *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$14.25
AHFQ78522-SL0-A81ZB + Button, L Horn *NH1L* (Black)$49.34
AHFR78522-SZ3-013ZC + Button, L Horn *YR164L* (Medium Taupe)$14.25
AHFL52306-S2X-003 + Bush, Stabilizer Holder$6.77
AHFX32410-S0K-A10 + Cable Assembly, Starter$77.87
AHFD51393-SV1-A01 + Bush, Front Arm (Lower)$10.77
AHFB83411-SJA-013 + Bush, Box Side$4.63
AHFK51306-SZA-A02 + Bush, Stabilizer Holder$5.15
AHF572173-SEA-013 + Cable, L Front Door Lock$19.20
AHFZ32410-SJA-A02 + Cable Assembly, Starter$155.53
AHFH51810-SV4-003 + Bush, Shock Absorber (Hokushin)$24.22
AHF132410-TZ4-A01 + Cable Assembly, Starter$66.59
AHF972133-SEA-013 + Cable, R Front Door Lock$19.20
AHFV70400-S6M-A02 + Cable Assembly A, Sunroof$170.42
AHFN38519-SB0-003 + Bush, Washer Tank (Mitsuba)$5.01
AHFM53685-S3M-A02 + Bush, Steering Gear Box Mounting$10.40
AHFA04712-ST7-010ZZ + Bumper, Front (Lower)$171.41
AHFG52622-SK7-A02 + Bush, Rear Shock Absorber (Lower) (Yamashita)$27.48
AHF672171-SEA-023 + Cable, L Front Inside Handle$11.32
AHF032410-TX4-A01 + Cable Assembly, Starter$66.93
AHFI51306-S5D-005 + Bush, Stabilizer Holder$2.27
AHFW32600-S3V-A01 + Cable Assembly, Ground$34.76
AHFT78521-SL0-A81ZB + Button, R Horn *NH1L* (Black)$49.34
AHF474411-SR1-A01 + Cable, Fuel Lid Opener$16.55
AHSU71835-SA5-933 + Cover, Grab Rail$3.85
AHSF81128-SEA-J12ZF + Cover, Front Seat-Back *NH528L* (Moon Lake Gray)$145.83
AHSS77521-SEP-A04ZC + Cover, Glove Box *YR167L* (Light Tan)$120.83
AHS372184-SJA-J12ZE + Cover, L *NH658P* (Graphite Pearl)$59.35
AHSE81129-SJA-A03ZA + Cover, Front Seat-Back *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$247.36
AHSC81126-SZ3-A62ZA + Cover, Front Seat-Back *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$270.06
AHSJ81129-SJA-A03ZC + Cover, Front Seat-Back *YR240L* (Leather) (Light Cream Ivory)$247.36
AHSO77296-S0K-A02ZA + Cover, Front*G49L*$90.82
AHSY81243-TA0-A71ZA + Cover, Inner-Reclining (Upper)*NH167L* (Graphite Black)$15.12
AHS772184-SJA-J12ZS + Cover, L *R540P* (Pomegranate Pearl)$59.35
AHS881727-S3V-305ZB + Cover, L *YR203L*$243.66
AHS272184-SJA-J12ZD + Cover, L *NH624P* (Premium White Pearl)$59.35
AHSP17668-S6M-010 + Cover, Fuel Filler Pipe$34.59
AHSQ77521-SEP-A04ZA + Cover, Glove Box *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$120.83
AHSR77521-SEP-A04ZB + Cover, Glove Box *NH528L* (Moon Lake Gray)$120.83
AHSL81128-TL0-G12ZC + Cover, Front Seat-Back *YR372L* (Premium Ivory)$199.53
AHSX17140-RKB-013 + Cover, In Manifold (Upper)$234.40
AHSD81128-S87-A62ZF + Cover, Front Seat-Back *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$374.76
AHSB81128-SEA-J12ZA + Cover, Front Seat-Back *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$145.83
AHSK81128-SEA-J12ZD + Cover, Front Seat-Back *YR240L* (Light Cream Ivory)$145.83
AHS572184-SJA-J12ZK + Cover, L *NH727M* (Platinum Frost Metallic)$59.35
AHSZ72184-SJA-J12ZB + Cover, L *B532P* (Opulent Blue Pearl)$59.35
AHSH81128-TL0-G12ZA + Cover, Front Seat-Back *NH690L* (Premium Black)$199.53
AHS172184-SJA-A02ZD + Cover, L *NH624P* (Premium White Pearl)$59.35
AHS904815-TL2-305ZC + Cover, L *YR372L*$979.83
AHSV74125-SZ3-A01 + Cover, Hood Lock$14.10
AHSN51687-SR0-A02 + Cover, Front Sleeve Dust (Showa)$4.36
AHSM51687-SP0-014 + Cover, Front Sleeve Dust$59.57
AHSA81126-SZ3-A62ZH + Cover, Front Seat-Back *B96L* (Leather) (Light Lapis)$270.06
AHSG81129-SJA-A03ZB + Cover, Front Seat-Back *NH556L* (Leather) (Grayge)$247.36
AHS672184-SJA-J12ZR + Cover, L *NH782M* (Graphite Luster Metallic)$59.35
AHS072184-SJA-J12ZC + Cover, L *B92P* (Nighthawk Black Pearl)$59.35
AHSI81126-SZ3-A62ZC + Cover, Front Seat-Back *YR169L* (Leather) (Mild Beige)$270.14
AHSW74125-TY2-A01 + Cover, Hood Lock$23.83
AHST77521-SEP-A04ZD + Cover, Glove Box *YR240L* (Light Cream Ivory)$120.83
AHS404815-TL2-305ZB + Cover, L *NH690L*$979.83