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Here you will find information about B3 - Antenna Assembly, Roof *NH700M* (Silver Moon). Each part in online catalog has a unique oem parts number.

Acura Roof *NH700M* (Silver Moon), part #39150-TZ5-A02ZD
  • Manufactured: Acura
  • Part number: 39150-TZ5-A02ZD
  • Part: Antenna Assembly, Roof *NH700M* (Silver Moon)
  • Replaces: 39150-TZ5-A01ZD
  • Price: $88.04

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2014AcuraMDX 5-DOOR6 Speed AutomaticBASE, BASE (SH-AWD)
2015AcuraMDX 5-DOOR6 Speed AutomaticBASE, BASE (SH-AWD)

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Catalog NumberPart NumberImagePart NamePrice
B3JU76200-STK-A02ZK + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH736M*(R.C.) (Grigio Metallic)$411.12
B3JF76200-SEP-A12ZE + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH658P* (Graphite Pearl)$388.39
B3JS76200-TZ5-A11ZC + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH731P*(R.C.) (Crystal Black Pearl)$389.71
B3J376200-TL0-315ZN + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH788P*(Coo)(R.C.)(Heated) (Bellanova White Pearl)$556.43
B3JE76200-SEP-A03ZF + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH643M* (Anthracite Metallic)$303.89
B3JC76200-SEC-C43ZD + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH624P*(Heated) (Premium White Pearl)$420.12
B3JJ76200-SEP-A12ZF + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH700M* (Silver Moon)$388.39
B3JO76200-TL0-315ZD + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH731P*(Coo)(R.C.)(Heated) (Crystal Black Pearl)$541.81
B3JY76200-TL0-315ZJ + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH782M*(Coo)(R.C.)(Heated) (Graphite Luster Metallic)$556.43
B3J776200-TZ3-A02ZC + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH829M*(R.C.) (Slate Silver Metallic)$356.33
B3J876200-TZ3-A22ZB + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH829M*(R.C.) (Slate Silver Metallic)$460.80
B3J276200-TZ6-A01ZB + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH782M*(R.C.) (Graphite Luster Metallic)$513.92
B3JP76200-STK-A02ZJ + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH731P*(R.C.) (Crystal Black Pearl)$411.12
B3JQ76200-TZ3-A02ZF + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH731P*(R.C.) (Crystal Black Pearl)$356.33
B3JR76200-TZ3-A22ZE + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH731P*(R.C.) (Crystal Black Pearl)$460.80
B3JL76200-SEC-C43ZM + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH700M*(Heated) (Silver Moon)$369.34
B3JX76200-STK-A02ZL + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH743M*(R.C.) (Palladium Metallic)$411.12
B3JD76200-SEC-A22ZE + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH624P*(R.C.) (Premium White Pearl)$415.96
B3JB76200-S6M-C42ZG + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH624P*(Heated) (Premium White Pearl)$297.35
B3JK76200-TL0-315ZL + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH700M*(Coo)(R.C.)(Heated) (Silver Moon)$556.43
B3J576200-TZ3-A22ZC + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH788P*(R.C.) (Bellanova White Pearl)$460.80
B3JZ76200-TZ3-A02ZE + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH782M*(R.C.) (Graphite Luster Metallic)$356.33
B3JH76200-SEC-A22ZF + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH658P*(R.C.) (Graphite Pearl)$420.12
B3J176200-TZ5-A11ZB + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH782M*(R.C.) (Graphite Luster Metallic)$389.71
B3J976200-SEP-A03ZG + Mirror Assembly, R Door *R522P* (Royal Ruby Red Pearl)$303.89
B3JV76200-SEP-A12ZK + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH737M* (Polished Metal Metallic)$388.39
B3JN76200-TZ6-A01ZD + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH700M*(R.C.) (Silver Moon)$513.92
B3JM76200-TZ5-A11ZD + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH700M*(R.C.) (Silver Moon)$389.71
B3JA76200-SEC-A22ZD + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH623M*(R.C.) (Satin Silver Metallic)$420.12
B3JG76200-SEC-C43ZH + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH658P*(Heated) (Graphite Pearl)$420.12
B3J676200-TL0-315ZK + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH789M*(Coo)(R.C.)(Heated) (Silver Metallic II)$556.43
B3J076200-TZ3-A22ZD + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH782M*(R.C.) (Graphite Luster Metallic)$460.80
B3JI76200-STX-A12ZB + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH677P*(R.C.)(Heated) (Aspen White Pearl)$350.54
B3JW76200-STK-A02ZH + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH737M*(R.C.) (Polished Metal Metallic)$419.70
B3JT76200-TZ6-A01ZC + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH731P*(R.C.) (Crystal Black Pearl)$513.92
B3J476200-TZ3-A02ZD + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH788P*(R.C.) (Bellanova White Pearl)$356.33
B3OU75110-S3M-A20 + Molding, Front Grille Center$36.13
B3OF72965-STX-A01ZA + Molding Assembly, L Rear Door Sash *NH1L* (Black)$60.78
B3OS71123-TL2-305 + Molding, Front Grille$222.95
B3O372255-SR3-505 + Motor Assembly L Wind$235.82
B3OE72965-SEP-A11ZB + Molding Assembly, L Rear Door Sash *NH1* (Black)$90.40
B3OC72950-TK4-A02 + Molding Assembly, L Rear Door$44.20
B3OJ72410-SEA-013 + Molding Assembly, R Front Door$57.23
B3OO72925-STX-A01ZA + Molding Assembly, R Rear Door Sash *NH1L* (Black)$60.78
B3OY73151-SL0-023 + Molding, Front Windshield (Upper)$59.15
B3O779146-SEP-A02 + Motor Assembly, Drive Mode$277.28
B3O879310-SEP-A02 + Motor Assembly, Fan$98.66
B3O273203-TK4-A01ZC + Molding, R Rear Windshield *NH764X* (Satin Chrome Plating)$139.29
B3OP74306-TL0-E01 + Molding Assembly, R Roof$43.49
B3OQ73251-SZ3-013 + Molding Assembly, Rear Windshield (Lower)$109.08
B3OR71122-TL2-305 + Molding, Front Grille$258.74
B3OL72425-STX-A01ZA + Molding Assembly, R Front Door Sash *NH1L* (Black)$59.90
B3OX73150-STK-A02 + Molding, Front Windshield$34.31
B3OD72961-TZ3-A22 + Molding Assembly, L Rear Door Sash$66.97
B3OB72950-SEA-013 + Molding Assembly, L Rear Door$63.42
B3OK72410-TK4-A02 + Molding Assembly, R Front Door$64.69
B3O579310-SL0-A02 + Motor Assembly, Blower$314.12
B3OZ73168-SEA-013 + Molding, L Drip Side$74.09
B3OH74307-TL4-G01 + Molding Assembly, R Center Roof$33.27
B3O173158-SEA-013 + Molding, R Drip Side$74.09
B3O979310-SJA-A02 + Motor Assembly, Fan$370.92
B3OV75105-TZ5-A02 + Molding, Front Grille Surround$135.33
B3ON72921-TZ3-A22 + Molding Assembly, R Rear Door Sash$66.97
B3OM72910-SEA-013 + Molding Assembly, R Rear Door$63.42
B3OA72465-STX-A01ZA + Molding Assembly, L Front Door Sash *NH1L* (Black)$59.90
B3OG74316-TL0-E01 + Molding Assembly, L Roof$43.49
B3O679166-SEP-A02 + Motor Assembly, Drive Air Mix$295.61
B3O073253-TK4-A01ZC + Molding, L Rear Windshield *NH764X* (Satin Chrome Plating)$139.29
B3OI72410-SL0-003ZB + Molding Assembly, R Door *NH547* (Berlina Black)$730.59
B3OW73150-SEA-013 + Molding, Front Windshield$24.27
B3OT75140-TK4-A01ZB + Molding, Front Grille *Schrome* (Satin Chromium Plating)$259.16
B3O472715-SW3-505 + Motor Assembly R Front W$235.00
B3YU83403-TK4-A01ZB + Panel Assembly, Rear Console *NH690L* (Premium Black)$56.84
B3YF77100-STX-A02ZE + Panel Assembly, Instrument *NH690L* (Premium Black)$768.75
B3YS70215-SZN-A02 + Panel Assembly, Moving Glass (Privacy)(Pgw)$1236.64
B3Y362100-S3V-309ZZ + Panel Comp Set Roof$1507.52
B3YE77100-SJA-A05ZD + Panel Assembly, Instrument *NH690L* (Premium Black)$1514.87
B3YC77103-TL0-G02ZA + Panel Assembly, Instrument *NH556L* (Grayge)$961.26
B3YJ77103-TL0-G02ZB + Panel Assembly, Instrument *NH690L* (Premium Black)$961.26
B3YO77103-TL0-G02ZC + Panel Assembly, Instrument *YR372L* (Premium Ivory)$961.26
B3YY39050-SZN-325ZB + Panel Assembly, Switch *NH716L* (Coo) (Premium Black Metallic)$1549.32
B3Y704641-STX-305ZZ + Panel L, Side Sill(DOT$558.00
B3Y867010-SZ3-405ZZ + Panel R, Front Door$786.42
B3Y262100-S3V-307ZZ + Panel Comp Set Roof$2634.59
B3YP77270-STK-A02ZA + Panel Assembly, Instrument Center(Upper) *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$19.08
B3YQ77200-S0K-A52ZA + Panel Assembly, Meter *NH286L* (Left-hand) (Chamois Gray No 3)$339.92
B3YR77200-STK-A02ZA + Panel Assembly, Meter *NH663L* (Blue Black Metallic)$35.02
B3YL77100-S6M-A02ZB + Panel Assembly, Instrument *YR232L* (Dark Titanium)$685.34
B3YX39050-SZN-326 + Panel Assembly, Switch (Coo)$1304.52
B3YD77100-SJA-A05ZB + Panel Assembly, Instrument *NH557L* (Medium Gray)$1514.87
B3YB77100-STX-A02ZB + Panel Assembly, Instrument *NH556L* (Grayge)$768.75
B3YK77100-ST7-A01ZB + Panel Assembly, Instrument *YR164L* (Medium Taupe)$774.70
B3Y566100-TX4-315ZZ + Panel Comp, Rear$585.25
B3YZ64700-S3V-J02ZZ + Panel Comp L, Rear I$563.68
B3YH77100-TZ3-A02ZA + Panel Assembly, Instrument *NH690L* (Premium Black)$885.31
B3Y164300-S3V-325ZZ + Panel Comp R, Rear I$563.68
B3Y904631-SEA-G01ZZ + Panel R, Side Sill$191.02
B3YV83403-TK4-A01ZC + Panel Assembly, Rear Console *YR372L* (Premium Ivory)$56.84
B3YN77100-SJA-A02ZC + Panel Assembly, Instrument *YR292L* (Beige)$1514.87
B3YM77100-STX-A02ZC + Panel Assembly, Instrument *YR240L* (Light Cream Ivory)$768.75
B3YA77100-S6M-A02ZA + Panel Assembly, Instrument *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$685.34
B3YG77100-TK4-A02ZC + Panel Assembly, Instrument *NH690L* (Premium Black)$976.34
B3Y604641-SEA-G01ZZ + Panel L, Side Sill$191.02
B3Y064700-SEA-315ZZ + Panel Comp L, Rear I$783.62
B3YI77100-TZ3-A12ZA + Panel Assembly, Instrument *NH690L* (Premium Black)$885.31
B3YW70220-SZN-A02 + Panel Assembly, Rear Fixed Glass (Privacy)(Pgw)$1175.37
B3YT83403-TK4-A01ZA + Panel Assembly, Rear Console *NH556L* (Grayge)$56.84
B3Y462100-S3V-316ZZ + Panel Comp Set Roof$706.39