CQ - Arm Assembly, R Front (Upper), OEM Acura part #51450-SZ3-013

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Acura R Front (Upper), part #51450-SZ3-013
  • Manufactured: Acura
  • Part number: 51450-SZ3-013
  • Part: Arm Assembly, R Front (Upper)
  • Replaces: 51450-SZ3-003
  • Price: $194.84

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
1997AcuraRL SEDAN4 Speed AutomaticBASE, PREM
1999AcuraRL SEDAN4 Speed AutomaticRL, RL (NAVIGATION)
2000AcuraRL SEDAN4 Speed AutomaticRL, RL (NAVIGATION)
2001AcuraRL SEDAN4 Speed AutomaticRL, RL (NAVIGATION)

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CQUQ73251-SZ3-013 + Molding Assembly, Rear Windshield (Lower)$109.08
CQUR71122-TL2-305 + Molding, Front Grille$258.74
CQUL72425-STX-A01ZA + Molding Assembly, R Front Door Sash *NH1L* (Black)$59.90
CQUX73150-STK-A02 + Molding, Front Windshield$34.31
CQUD72961-TZ3-A22 + Molding Assembly, L Rear Door Sash$66.97
CQUB72950-SEA-013 + Molding Assembly, L Rear Door$63.42
CQUK72410-TK4-A02 + Molding Assembly, R Front Door$64.69
CQU579310-SL0-A02 + Motor Assembly, Blower$314.12
CQUZ73168-SEA-013 + Molding, L Drip Side$74.09
CQUH74307-TL4-G01 + Molding Assembly, R Center Roof$33.27
CQU173158-SEA-013 + Molding, R Drip Side$74.09
CQU979310-SJA-A02 + Motor Assembly, Fan$370.92
CQUV75105-TZ5-A02 + Molding, Front Grille Surround$135.33
CQUN72921-TZ3-A22 + Molding Assembly, R Rear Door Sash$66.97
CQUM72910-SEA-013 + Molding Assembly, R Rear Door$63.42
CQUA72465-STX-A01ZA + Molding Assembly, L Front Door Sash *NH1L* (Black)$59.90
CQUG74316-TL0-E01 + Molding Assembly, L Roof$43.49
CQU679166-SEP-A02 + Motor Assembly, Drive Air Mix$295.61
CQU073253-TK4-A01ZC + Molding, L Rear Windshield *NH764X* (Satin Chrome Plating)$139.29
CQUI72410-SL0-003ZB + Molding Assembly, R Door *NH547* (Berlina Black)$730.59
CQUW73150-SEA-013 + Molding, Front Windshield$24.27
CQUT75140-TK4-A01ZB + Molding, Front Grille *Schrome* (Satin Chromium Plating)$259.16
CQU472715-SW3-505 + Motor Assembly R Front W$235.00
CQFU83720-SZ3-A20ZC + Lining Sub-Assembly, R Rear Door *YR164L* (Medium Taupe)$472.89
CQFF84431-TX4-A02ZA + Lining Assembly, Tailgate (Lower)*YR436L* (Sandstorm)$69.16
CQFS83720-SZ3-A20ZA + Lining Sub-Assembly, R Rear Door *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$504.44
CQF383570-STK-A03ZA + Lining, L Front Door (Lower) *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$997.25
CQFE84431-TX4-A02ZB + Lining Assembly, Tailgate (Lower)*NH690L* (Premium Black)$69.16
CQFC83200-TZ5-A02ZA + Lining Assembly, Roof *YR436L* (Sunroof) (Sandstorm)$287.76
CQFJ84451-STX-H02ZB + Lining Comp, *NH690L*$163.09
CQFO04835-ST7-505ZA + Lining Sub-Assembly, R Front Door *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$488.45
CQFY84171-S0K-A01ZC + Lining, L Center Pillar (Lower) *YR169L* (Mild Beige)$28.16
CQF783551-SJA-A04ZB + Lining, L Front Door (Lower) *NH557L* (Medium Gray)$584.05
CQF883570-STK-A03ZC + Lining, L Front Door (Lower) *NH557L* (Medium Gray)$997.25
CQF283558-SEC-A11ZA + Lining, L Front Door (Lower) *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$478.17
CQFP83520-SZ3-A21ZA + Lining Sub-Assembly, R Front Door *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$658.26
CQFQ83520-SZ3-A21ZB + Lining Sub-Assembly, R Front Door *NH283L* (Leather) (Quartz Gray)$658.26
CQFR83520-SZ3-A21ZC + Lining Sub-Assembly, R Front Door *YR164L* (Leather) (Medium Taupe)$509.55
CQFL83570-SZ3-A21ZB + Lining Sub-Assembly, L Front Door *NH283L* (Quartz Gray) (Quartz Gray)$617.10
CQFX84171-S0K-A01ZB + Lining, L Center Pillar (Lower) *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$28.16
CQFD83200-TZ5-A32ZA + Lining Assembly, Roof *YR436L* (Sunroof) (Sandstorm)$287.76
CQFB83200-TX4-A03ZA + Lining Assembly, Roof *YR436L* (Sunroof) (Sandstorm)$520.79
CQFK83570-SZ3-A21ZA + Lining Sub-Assembly, L Front Door *NH167L* (Quartz Gray) (Graphite Black)$617.10
CQF583551-TL2-A23ZA + Lining, L Front Door (Lower) *NH556L* (Grayge)$475.61
CQFZ83160-SJA-A02ZA + Lining, L Cowl Side *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$45.41
CQFH84431-S3V-A02ZB + Lining Assembly, Tailgate *YR203L* (Saddle)$171.63
CQF183160-SJA-A02ZC + Lining, L Cowl Side *YR240L* (Light Cream Ivory)$48.05
CQF983551-SJA-A04ZG + Lining, L Front Door (Lower) *NH690L* (Premium Black)$584.05
CQFV84485-SZN-A03ZA + Lining, L *NH690L*$102.39
CQFN83770-SZ3-A20ZC + Lining Sub-Assembly, L Rear Door *YR164L* (Medium Taupe)$518.54
CQFM83770-SZ3-A20ZA + Lining Sub-Assembly, L Rear Door *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$504.44
CQFA83200-TK4-A02ZB + Lining Assembly, Roof *YR372L* (Sunroof) (Premium Ivory)$678.60
CQFG84431-S3V-A02ZA + Lining Assembly, Tailgate *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$171.63
CQF683570-STK-A04ZB + Lining, L Front Door (Lower) *NH556L* (Grayge)$997.25
CQF083160-TR3-A02ZD + Lining, L Cowl Side *NH690L* (Premium Black)$10.98
CQFI84620-SJA-A02ZA + Lining Assembly, Trunk (Upper) *NH528L* (Moon Lake Gray)$272.45
CQFW84171-S0K-A01ZA + Lining, L Center Pillar (Lower) *G49L* (Light Fern Green)$26.16
CQFT83720-SZ3-A20ZB + Lining Sub-Assembly, R Rear Door *NH283L* (Quartz Gray)$518.54
CQF483558-SEC-A11ZB + Lining, L Front Door (Lower) *NH528L* (Moon Lake Gray)$478.17
CQSU57111-TZ5-A53 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa (Rewritable)$1060.78
CQSF57110-SEP-L01 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa$1566.46
CQSS57111-TZ5-A33 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa (Rewritable)$1060.78
CQS339050-SEC-A52ZE + Module Assembly, Center *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$10690.39
CQSE57110-SEP-A64 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa$1566.46
CQSC57110-S3V-A32 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa$1462.89
CQSJ57111-SZP-A02 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa$1332.82
CQSO57111-TY3-A11 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa (Rewritable)$1989.44
CQSY57111-TZ6-A53 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa (Rewritable)$1060.78
CQS739051-SEP-306ZA + Module Assembly, Display *NH525L* (Gun Metallic)$4757.71
CQS839051-SEP-A03ZA + Module Assembly, Display *NH525L* (Gun Metallic)$1745.80
CQS239050-SEC-A02ZC + Module Assembly, Center *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$5354.71
CQSP57111-TY3-A13 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa (Rewritable)$1989.44
CQSQ57111-TZ3-A13 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa (Rewritable)$1099.98
CQSR57111-TZ5-A13 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa (Rewritable)$1060.78
CQSL57111-TK5-A56 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa (Rewritable)$1566.07
CQSX57111-TZ6-A43 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa (Rewritable)$1060.78
CQSD57110-SEP-A14 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa$1566.46
CQSB57110-S3V-A13 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa$1462.89
CQSK57110-TX7-325 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa (Coo)(Rewritable)$1533.14
CQS539050-SEC-A62ZA + Module Assembly, Center *NH167L* (Wood) (Graphite Black)$11773.06
CQSZ57111-TZ7-A13 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa (Rewritable)$1099.98
CQSH57110-SJA-A03 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa$2215.23
CQS139051-SEP-305ZA + Module *NH525L*$1611.04
CQS939051-SEP-A32ZA + Module Assembly, Display *NH525L*(Sumitomo) (Gun Metallic)$3632.26
CQSV57111-TZ6-A13 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa (Rewritable)$1060.78
CQSN57111-TY2-A13 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa (Rewritable)$1989.44
CQSM57111-TY2-A03 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa (Rewritable)$1989.44
CQSA57110-SEC-A73 + Modulator Assembly (Vsa)$1650.74
CQSG57110-SEP-L51 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa$1566.46
CQS639051-SEP-A22 + Module Assembly, Display (Sumitomo)$2085.99
CQS057111-TZ7-A63 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa (Rewritable)$1099.98
CQSI57110-SJA-A92 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa$2215.23
CQSW57111-TZ6-A33 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa (Rewritable)$1060.78
CQST57111-TZ5-A43 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa (Rewritable)$1060.78
CQS439050-SEC-A12ZA + Module Assembly, Center *NH167L* (Wood) (Graphite Black)$5978.65