F4 - Armrest Assembly, Rear Console *NH690L* (Premium Black), OEM Acura part #83402-TK4-A12ZB

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Here you will find information about F4 - Armrest Assembly, Rear Console *NH690L* (Premium Black). Each part in online catalog has a unique oem parts number.

Acura Rear Console *NH690L* (Premium Black), part #83402-TK4-A12ZB
  • Manufactured: Acura
  • Part number: 83402-TK4-A12ZB
  • Part: Armrest Assembly, Rear Console *NH690L* (Premium Black)
  • Replaces: 83402-TK4-A11ZB
  • Price: $281.36

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2009AcuraTL SEDAN5 Speed AutomaticTECH+
2010AcuraTL SEDAN5 Speed AutomaticTECH
2011AcuraTL SEDAN5 Speed AutomaticTECH
2012AcuraTL SEDAN6 Speed AutomaticADV, TECH
2013AcuraTL SEDAN6 Speed AutomaticADV, TECH
2014AcuraTL SEDAN6 Speed AutomaticADV (3.5), TECH (3.5)

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Catalog NumberPart NumberImagePart NamePrice
F4UU37820-RP6-A78 + Electronic Control$647.39
F4UF37820-RYE-A59 + Ecu$695.46
F4US37820-RJA-A84 + Electronic Control$1066.77
F4U375722-STK-A02 + Emblem Set, Rear (RDX)$41.54
F4UE37820-RWC-A75 + Ecu$618.13
F4UC37820-RK2-A79 + Ecu$931.11
F4UJ37820-RYE-B33 + Ecu$799.85
F4UO37010-RBB-309 + Ecu Assembly$1358.95
F4UY17220-RAA-A01 + Element Assembly, Air Cleaner (Blue)$23.38
F4U775701-SL5-A00 + Emblem, Rear Center (A)$44.15
F4U875701-TZ3-A02 + Emblem, Rear Center (A)$11.63
F4U280292-TZ3-A41 + Element, Filter$34.09
F4UP37820-PND-416 + Electronic Control$729.88
F4UQ37820-PND-425 + Electronic Control$752.84
F4UR37820-PRB-425 + Electronic Control$752.84
F4UL37010-RBB-306 + Ecu Assembly$1219.89
F4UX17220-RBB-505 + Element Assembly, A/C$26.61
F4UD37820-RWC-A64 + Ecu$618.13
F4UB37820-RDJ-405 + Ecu$808.11
F4UK37010-RBB-305 + Ecu Assembly$1357.21
F4U575701-SEC-A00 + Emblem, Rear (A)$26.33
F4UZ80292-SDA-407 + Element Filter$20.17
F4UH37820-RYE-A89 + Ecu$642.56
F4U117220-P72-505 + Element, Air Cleaner$35.96
F4U974155-TX4-A50 + Enclosure, L Front Fender$8.49
F4UV39151-SWA-306 + Element Assembly$19.48
F4UN37010-RBB-308 + Ecu Assembly$1358.95
F4UM37010-RBB-307 + Ecu Assembly$1357.21
F4UA37820-RDJ-325 + Ecu$818.12
F4UG37820-RYE-A79 + Ecu$669.66
F4U675705-SZ3-A00 + Emblem, Rear (A)$24.30
F4U017220-P5A-505 + Element, Air Cleaner$38.66
F4UI37820-RYE-B23 + Ecu$799.85
F4UW39151-SWA-305 + Element Assembly (Yokoo)$30.69
F4UT37820-RP6-A58 + Electronic Control$647.39
F4U475700-SL0-A03 + Emblem, Front (A)$125.38
F4FU79660-S3V-A72 + Control Assembly, Rear Heater$314.37
F4FF83250-TX4-A02ZC + Console Assembly, Roof *YR416L* (Max Ivory)$38.70
F4FS79500-ST7-A52 + Control Assembly, Heater$301.81
F4F337820-P72-A01 + Control Module, Engine$959.55
F4FE83250-STX-A02ZD + Console Assembly, Roof *YR240L* (Light Cream Ivory)$72.92
F4FC83250-S0X-A22ZE + Console Assembly, Roof *YR204L* (Light Saddle)$428.40
F4FJ83401-S0K-A01ZC + Console, Rear *YR169L* (Mild Beige)$101.94
F4FO79600-S0K-A42ZA + Control Assembly, Auto Air Conditioner *NH286L* (Chamois Gray No 3)$449.36
F4FY37820-RYE-A63 + Control Module, Eng$659.14
F4F737820-P75-A02 + Control Module, Engine$830.56
F4F837820-P75-A04 + Control Module, Engine$786.37
F4F237820-P72-335 + Control Module, Engine$941.27
F4FP79600-TX4-A41ZC + Control Assembly, Auto Air Conditioner *NH716L* (Premium Black Metallic)$594.19
F4FQ79600-S6M-A42ZE + Control Assembly, Auto Air Conditioner *YR232L* (Dark Titanium)$942.26
F4FR39054-SEC-A51ZA + Control Assembly, Center Panel *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$8448.19
F4FL79600-S6M-A42ZD + Control Assembly, Auto Air Conditioner *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$942.26
F4FX37820-RKG-A56 + Control Module, Eng$1155.65
F4FD36600-TK4-A02ZF + Console Assembly, Roof *YR240L* (Light Cream Ivory)$483.87
F4FB36600-TK4-A12ZC + Console Assembly, Roof *NH690L* (Premium Black)$427.67
F4FK79650-S3V-A24 + Control Assembly, Auto Air Conditioner$341.08
F4F537820-P72-A04 + Control Module, Engine$913.82
F4FZ37820-P5A-A16 + Control Module, Engine$1162.71
F4FH83401-S0K-A01ZB + Console, Rear *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$101.94
F4F137820-P5A-A52 + Control Module, Engine$1252.62
F4F937820-P75-A51 + Control Module, Engine$846.64
F4FV37820-P5A-307 + Control Module, Eng$1037.72
F4FN79600-STX-A53ZA + Control Assembly, Auto Air Conditioner *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$638.29
F4FM79600-STX-A43ZA + Control Assembly, Auto Air Conditioner *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$638.29
F4FA83250-TX4-A02ZB + Console Assembly, Roof *NH556L* (Grayge)$38.70
F4FG83401-S0K-A01ZA + Console, Rear *G49L* (Light Fern Green)$95.54
F4F637820-P75-A01 + Control Module, Engine$846.64
F4F037820-P5A-A37 + Control Module, Engine$1221.57
F4FI83401-SZ3-A82ZA + Console, Rear *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$262.37
F4FW37820-RBB-407 + Control Module, Eng$1087.73
F4FT79500-ST7-C03 + Control Assembly, Heater$290.47
F4F437820-P72-A02 + Control Module, Engine$941.27
F4SU38860-SJA-A14 + Door Unit, Passenger$342.90
F4SF39810-STK-305 + Display Assembly, Navigation (Alpine)$873.02
F4SS39460-TZ6-A02ZA + Display Unit, Rear *YR436L* (Wide) (Panasonic) (Sandstorm)$3833.31
F4S344306-STK-A01 + Drive Shaft Assembly, L$402.81
F4SE39710-TK4-A02 + Display Assembly, Center (Stanley)$917.98
F4SC42700-ST7-N01 + Disk, Wheel (14X5 1/2JJ) (Black) (Kanai)$154.97
F4SJ39710-SJA-A02 + Display Sub-Assembly$547.99
F4SO39460-STX-A04ZE + Display Unit, Rear *NH690L* (Panasonic) (Premium Black)$2248.08
F4SY44306-S0K-C11 + Drive Shaft Assembly, L$257.72
F4S744306-TP1-A03 + Drive Shaft Assembly, L$767.18
F4S844306-TS4-T01 + Drive Shaft Assembly, L$637.84
F4S244306-SEP-A02 + Drive Shaft Assembly, L$257.72
F4SP39460-TZ6-A02ZB + Display Unit, Rear *NH802L* (Wide) (Panasonic) (Light Jewel Gray)$3833.31
F4SQ39460-STX-A02ZD + Display Unit, Rear *YR240L* (Panasonic) (Light Cream Ivory)$3690.59
F4SR39460-STX-A04ZD + Display Unit, Rear *YR240L* (Panasonic) (Light Cream Ivory)$2248.08
F4SL39460-STX-A02ZB + Display Unit, Rear *NH425L* (Panasonic) (Light Seagull Gray)$3690.59
F4SX42311-SZN-A02 + Drive Shaft Assembly, L$203.66
F4SD42700-SEP-A53 + Disk, Wheel (17X8JJ)$323.54
F4SB42510-TZ5-A03 + Disk, Rear Brake Drum In$140.44
F4SK39460-STX-A02ZA + Display Unit, Rear *NH167L* (Panasonic) (Graphite Black)$3690.59
F4S544306-STX-A51 + Drive Shaft Assembly, L$257.72
F4SZ44306-S3V-A52 + Drive Shaft Assembly, L$257.72
F4SH39810-TK4-315 + Display Assembly, Navigation (Coo) (Pioneer)$1089.64
F4S144306-S6M-A51 + Drive Shaft Assembly, L$756.16
F4S944306-TX4-A01 + Drive Shaft Assembly, L$194.06
F4SV42310-TK5-A02 + Drive Shaft Assembly$203.66
F4SN39460-STX-A04ZC + Display Unit, Rear *NH556L* (Panasonic) (Grayge)$2248.08
F4SM39460-STX-A02ZC + Display Unit, Rear *NH556L* (Panasonic) (Grayge)$3690.59
F4SA42510-TK4-A01 + Disk, Rear Brake Drum In$122.40
F4SG39810-SJA-305 + Display Assembly, Navigation (Coo) (Matsushita)$2303.51
F4S644306-TK4-A11 + Drive Shaft Assembly, L$194.06
F4S044306-S3V-A62 + Drive Shaft Assembly, L$257.72
F4SI39810-TX4-305 + Display Assembly, Navigation (Coo) (Pioneer)$1029.01
F4SW42311-S3V-A02 + Drive Shaft Assembly, L$203.66
F4ST39810-TZ3-315 + Display, Navigation (Coo)$655.67
F4S444306-STX-A02 + Drive Shaft Assembly, L$257.72