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Here you will find information about FG - Armrest Assembly, R Rear Door Lining (Type F). Each part in online catalog has a unique oem parts number.

Acura R Rear Door Lining (Type F), part #83702-TK4-A05ZF
  • Manufactured: Acura
  • Part number: 83702-TK4-A05ZF
  • Part: Armrest Assembly, R Rear Door Lining (Type F)
  • Replaces: 83702-TK4-A04ZF
  • Price: $89.38

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2012AcuraTL SEDAN6 Speed AutomaticBASE (SHAWD)
2013AcuraTL SEDAN6 Speed AutomaticBASE (SHAWD), SE
2014AcuraTL SEDAN6 Speed AutomaticBASE (3.7), SE (3.5)

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FGJY51605-S3V-A11 + Shock Absorber Unit, R Front$171.16
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FGJ251605-STK-A03 + Shock Absorber Unit, R Front$155.06
FGJP51621-TY3-A02 + Shock Absorber Unit, L Front$241.93
FGJQ51621-TZ3-315 + Shock Absorber Unit, L Front$238.62
FGJR51621-TZ4-A03 + Shock Absorber Unit, L Front$241.49
FGJL51621-TK5-A03 + Shock Absorber Unit, L Front$150.93
FGJX51605-S0K-A52 + Shock Absorber Unit, R Front$138.23
FGJD51606-S0K-A52 + Shock Absorber Unit, L Front$138.23
FGJB51605-SEP-A16 + Shock Absorber Unit, Front$149.65
FGJK51621-TK4-A03 + Shock Absorber Unit, L Front$150.93
FGJ551611-TK4-A03 + Shock Absorber Unit, R Front$150.93
FGJZ51605-S6M-A06 + Shock Absorber Unit, R Front$170.51
FGJH51606-STK-A03 + Shock Absorber Unit, L Front$155.06
FGJ151605-SJA-A52 + Shock Absorber Unit, R Front$237.18
FGJ951611-TX8-A04 + Shock Absorber Unit, R Front$168.48
FGJV52612-SJA-A12 + Shock Absorber Unit, L Rear$189.84
FGJN51621-TX6-A05 + Shock Absorber Unit, L Front$168.48
FGJM51621-TX4-A12 + Shock Absorber Unit, L Front$187.53
FGJA51605-SEP-A06 + Shock Absorber Unit, Front$149.65
FGJG51606-S6M-A56 + Shock Absorber Unit, L Front$186.87
FGJ651611-TK5-A03 + Shock Absorber Unit, R Front$150.93
FGJ051605-S6M-A56 + Shock Absorber Unit, R Front$186.87
FGJI51606-STX-A05 + Shock Absorber Unit, L Front$201.24
FGJW52612-SJA-A52 + Shock Absorber Unit, L Rear$189.84
FGJT51606-ST7-902 + Shock Absorber Unit, L Front (Showa)$150.92
FGJ451605-SZ3-A22 + Shock Absorber Unit, R Front$248.20
FGOU64412-SL0-305 + Stay, R Rear Fender$93.85
FGOF04741-S6M-Z21 + Stay Set, R Tailgate Open$110.46
FGOS60413-STX-A01ZZ + Stay, R Front Bulkhead Side$50.38
FGO363610-TX4-315ZZ + Stiffener Set, L Center Pillar$159.86
FGOE04741-S6M-J01 + Stay Set, R Tailgate Open$110.46
FGOC60435-S6M-306ZZ + Stay Set, R Bulkhead Side$38.04
FGOJ36534-RJA-J01 + Stay, Front Oxygen Sensor$11.88
FGOO71160-SJA-010ZZ + Stay, L Front Bumper Beam$46.59
FGOY75717-ST7-305ZE + Sticker, Rear (TYPE01) (Dohc VTec)$23.63
FGO763210-TK4-305ZZ + Stiffener Set, R Center Pillar$153.59
FGO863210-TX4-315ZZ + Stiffener Set, R Center Pillar$159.86
FGO263610-TK4-305ZZ + Stiffener Set, L Center Pillar$153.59
FGOP64812-SL0-305 + Stay, L Rear Fender$93.85
FGOQ65645-SL0-310ZZ + Stay, R Frame To Bulkhead$838.94
FGOR60413-S0K-A01ZZ + Stay, R Front Bulkhead Side$43.13
FGOL60414-S3V-A01ZZ + Stay, L Bulkhead Side$170.36
FGOX75737-SDA-A11 + Sticker (Ulev)$8.06
FGOD04601-STX-A01ZZ + Stay Set, R Front Bulkhead Side$124.49
FGOB04741-S6M-010 + Stay Set, R$110.46
FGOK74145-SR3-000 + Stay, Hood Opener$16.98
FGO563520-TK4-305ZZ + Stiffener Set, L Front Pillar$127.80
FGOZ63120-TZ5-315ZZ + Stiffener Ring, R (Outer)$1200.08
FGOH74291-S0X-A01ZZ + Stay, Dashboard (Lower)$8.97
FGO163610-SZN-305ZZ + Stiffener Set, L Center Pillar$203.07
FGO963120-SZN-305ZZ + Stiffener Set, R Front Pillar$234.82
FGOV50375-T2A-A01 + Stay, R Rear Sub-Frame Mounting (Rear)$29.98
FGON60463-STX-A01ZZ + Stay, L Front Bulkhead Side$50.38
FGOM60463-S0K-A01ZZ + Stay, L Front Bulkhead Side$43.13
FGOA04746-S6M-Z21 + Stay Set, L Tailgate Open$110.46
FGOG31113-P5A-000 + Stay, Alternator$70.22
FGO663210-SZN-305ZZ + Stiffener Set, R Center Pillar$203.07
FGO063510-TZ3-325ZZ + Stiffener Set, L (Outer)$1097.97
FGOI60434-S3V-A01ZZ + Stay, Front Bulkhead Center$59.35
FGOW75737-SDA-A01 + Sticker (Lev)$8.06
FGOT71150-SJA-010ZZ + Stay, R Front Bumper Beam$46.59
FGO463520-SZN-305ZZ + Stiffener Set, L Front Pillar$234.82
FGYU18011-PGK-A03 + Valve Set, Egr$159.63
FGYF39520-SZ3-A91 + Unit Assembly, Roof Modulator$1807.28
FGYS36160-P8E-A02 + Valve Assembly, Purge Control Solenoid$38.92
FGY353641-SEP-A03 + Valve Sub-Assembly$367.34
FGYE77960-SEC-306 + Unit Assembly SRS$462.66
FGYC39100-STK-A11 + Tuner Assembly, Radio (6DVD) (Pioneer)$1539.35
FGYJ33101-STX-A02 + Unit Head Light R$785.05
FGYO80220-S84-A02 + Valve Assembly, Expansion (10N) (Fuji Koki America)$79.10
FGYY16022-PRB-A02 + Valve Set, Rotary Air Control$315.34
FGY753641-S6M-A03 + Valve Sub-Assembly, Steering$351.27
FGY853641-S6M-A54 + Valve Sub-Assembly, Steering$351.27
FGY253641-SEC-A02 + Valve Sub-Assembly$369.31
FGYP17130-PK1-003 + Valve Assembly, PCV$21.02
FGYQ17130-PM6-G01 + Valve Assembly, PCV$21.02
FGYR46210-SZ3-013 + Valve Assembly, Proportioning$133.52
FGYL80220-STX-A01 + Valve Assembly, Expansion$103.71
FGYX16022-PND-A02 + Valve Set, Rotary Air Control$276.83
FGYD39540-TX4-A01ZACP + Tuner Unit, Navigation W/O HDD (Customer Pay)(RMD)$508.20
FGYB39100-STK-A01 + Tuner Assembly, Radio (6CD) (Pioneer)$759.82
FGYK33101-STX-A12 + Unit Head Light R$785.05
FGY538801-P9K-E01 + Valve Sub-Assembly, Safety$53.51
FGYZ17012-S10-L01 + Valve Set, Solenoid$126.65
FGYH33151-STX-A02 + Unit Head Light L$785.05
FGY117012-S84-A01 + Valve Set, Solenoid (Made In Japan)$116.02
FGY917310-S0X-A02 + Valve, Canister Vent Shut (Made In Mexico)$67.30
FGYV18011-PY3-000 + Valve Set, Egr$273.08
FGYN80220-ST7-A12 + Valve Assembly, Expansion (10N)$79.10
FGYM80220-ST7-A11 + Valve Assembly, Expansion (10N)$79.10
FGYA39100-TK4-309ZA + Tuner Assembly, Auto Radio *NH716L* (Navigation)(Coo) (Pioneer) (Premium Black Metallic)$4681.63
FGYG39350-STK-305 + Unit Assembly, TPMS$148.37
FGY653641-S3M-A02 + Valve Sub-Assembly, Steering$224.24
FGY017012-SV4-L31 + Valve Set, Solenoid$148.47
FGYI33151-STX-A12 + Unit Head Light L$785.05
FGYW18011-RCA-A00 + Valve Set, Egr$236.85
FGYT79710-SP0-A04 + Valve Assembly, Water$49.37
FGY480221-TZ5-A43 + Valve Sub-Assembly, Expansion$75.42