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Here you will find information about FG - Armrest Assembly, R Rear Door Lining (Type F). Each part in online catalog has a unique oem parts number.

Acura R Rear Door Lining (Type F), part #83702-TK4-A05ZF
  • Manufactured: Acura
  • Part number: 83702-TK4-A05ZF
  • Part: Armrest Assembly, R Rear Door Lining (Type F)
  • Replaces: 83702-TK4-A04ZF
  • Price: $89.38

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2012AcuraTL SEDAN6 Speed AutomaticBASE (SHAWD)
2013AcuraTL SEDAN6 Speed AutomaticBASE (SHAWD), SE
2014AcuraTL SEDAN6 Speed AutomaticBASE (3.7), SE (3.5)

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Catalog NumberPart NumberImagePart NamePrice
FGZU72335-SEA-013 + Weatherstrip, R Front Door (Inner)$25.23
FGZF19200-P8A-A02 + Water Pump (Yamada)$159.53
FGZS72381-SL0-013 + Weatherstrip, R Door (Upper)$259.36
FGZ374865-SZ3-020 + Weatherstrip, Trunk Lid$81.12
FGZE19200-RAA-A01 + Water Pump$99.14
FGZC76801-SL0-A03 + Washer, Windshield$246.01
FGZJ72350-ST7-023 + Weatherstrip, L Door$92.47
FGZO72375-SEA-013 + Weatherstrip, L Front Door (Inner)$25.23
FGZY74440-STK-A02 + Weatherstrip, Tailgate$45.50
FGZ742800-TV9-A91 + Wheel Assembly, Aluminum (18X7 1/2J) (Enkei)$273.72
FGZ878500-ST7-A62ZA + Wheel Assembly, Steering *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$445.57
FGZ274865-SJA-013 + Weatherstrip, Trunk Lid$76.12
FGZP72375-SZ3-023 + Weatherstrip, L Front Door (Inner)$41.68
FGZQ72310-ST7-023 + Weatherstrip, R Door$92.47
FGZR72310-SL0-023 + Weatherstrip, R Door (Lower)$125.18
FGZL72391-SL0-013 + Weatherstrip, L Door (Upper)$259.36
FGZX74440-S3V-A01 + Weatherstrip, Tailgate$49.52
FGZD19200-PNA-003 + Water Pump$141.06
FGZB53536-SDA-A02 + Washer, Tie Rod Lock$1.51
FGZK72350-SL0-023 + Weatherstrip, L Door (Lower)$166.69
FGZ571107-SEC-A00 + Weight, Front Bumper$37.40
FGZZ74440-TX4-A02 + Weatherstrip, Tailgate$50.36
FGZH19200-RDV-J01 + Water Pump (Yamada)$159.63
FGZ174865-SEP-A01 + Weatherstrip, Trunk Lid$39.90
FGZ978500-ST7-A83ZA + Wheel Assembly, Steering *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$432.57
FGZV72835-SEA-013 + Weatherstrip, R Rear Door (Inner)$22.26
FGZN72375-S6M-013 + Weatherstrip, L Front Door (Inner)$29.65
FGZM72350-ST8-013 + Weatherstrip, L Front Door$108.49
FGZA51621-SR0-003 + Washer, Shock Absorber Mounting (SAndZ.Atlantic)$3.37
FGZG19200-PR4-013 + Water Pump (Yamada)$98.52
FGZ642800-TV9-A71 + Wheel Assembly, Aluminum (17X7J) (Enkei)$273.72
FGZ074865-SEA-013 + Weatherstrip, Trunk Lid$78.06
FGZI72318-SL0-013 + Weatherstrip (Lower/Outer)$67.69
FGZW72810-ST8-013 + Weatherstrip, R Rear Door (Lower)$100.12
FGZT72335-S6M-013 + Weatherstrip, R Front Door (Inner)$29.65
FGZ474865-TL0-023 + Weatherstrip, Trunk Lid$73.43
FGHU77501-TL0-G02 + Separator$25.85
FGHF36531-PGK-A03 + Sensor, Front Oxygen$192.65
FGHS37540-S84-A02 + Sensor, Stop Lamp Failure (2P)$43.89
FGH338900-RWC-A04 + Set, Compr Clutch$164.25
FGHE36531-RDM-A01 + Sensor, Front Laf$214.77
FGHC36531-5G0-A11 + Sensor, Front Laf$184.73
FGHJ36531-P5A-305 + Sensor, L Oxygen$387.58
FGHO36532-P8C-A21 + Sensor, Oxygen, Rear$184.73
FGHY63217-TK4-A02 + Separator, R Center Pillar (Outer)$2.44
FGH701469-S0A-J20 + Set, Master Power$642.77
FGH843022-SEP-C01 + Set, Pad Rear$62.91
FGH276200-SJA-315ZP + Set R, Mirror*NH686M*$532.37
FGHP36532-P5A-003 + Sensor, R Oxygen$265.60
FGHQ36532-P5A-305 + Sensor, R Oxygen$339.11
FGHR36532-P8C-L21 + Sensor, Rear Oxygen$184.73
FGHL37245-PR7-A02 + Sensor, Oil Pressure$314.86
FGHX63143-TZ5-A02 + Separator, R Center Pillar (Outer)$3.38
FGHD36531-R70-A02 + Sensor, Front Laf$161.32
FGHB36531-RWC-A02 + Sensor, Air Fuel Ratio$192.65
FGHK36531-PNE-003 + Sensor, Laf$341.24
FGH516010-SL0-505 + Set, Fuel Strn$56.98
FGHZ60625-SJA-E02 + Separator, R Front Wheelhouse (Upper)$8.97
FGHH30530-PPL-A01 + Sensor, Knock$81.01
FGH104829-SZ3-A01ZA + Set Buckl*NH167L*$68.36
FGH943022-STK-A02 + Set, Pad Rear(Nac D6$62.91
FGHV63617-TK4-A02 + Separator, L Center Pillar (Outer)$2.44
FGHN36542-PR7-A01 + Sensor, Oxygen$350.77
FGHM36531-P73-G01 + Sensor, Oxygen$341.24
FGHA37830-PAA-S00 + Sensor Set, Map$94.35
FGHG36541-PR7-A01 + Sensor, Front Secondary Oxygen$350.77
FGH677100-STK-305ZB + Set, Inst *NH557L*$882.52
FGH001469-TX8-315 + Servo Set (Coo)$2570.30
FGHI36531-P5A-003 + Sensor, L Oxygen$324.49
FGHW60725-SJA-E02 + Separator, L Front Wheelhouse (Upper)$8.97
FGHT39960-SZT-G01 + Sensor, Yaw & (2GH)$738.35
FGH419020-P0A-305 + Set, Cooling Fan$49.15
FG1U36510-PR7-A02 + Actuator Assembly$640.34
FG1F39820-SJA-A66 + XM Unit (Hip) (Pioneer)$3785.52
FG1S36700-TZ5-305 + Acc Unit$541.05
FG1381660-S3V-X51 + Adjuster Assembly, L Slide$1263.42
FG1E39820-SJA-A62 + XM Unit (Hip) (Pioneer)$3545.60
FG1C39820-TL2-A55 + XM Unit (Hip)$2712.42
FG1J39790-SZ3-A02 + ABS Unit$1217.19
FG1O36700-SJA-A13 + Acc Unit$1167.48
FG1Y14310-RBC-003 + Actuator Assembly, Vtc (46T)$189.00
FG1781660-ST8-A13 + Adjuster, L Slide$62.49
FG1881670-ST7-A03 + Adjuster, L Slide (Inner)$86.15
FG1281660-S3V-A62 + Adjuster Assembly, L Slide$1263.42
FG1P36700-STX-A12 + Acc Unit$577.33
FG1Q36700-TY2-305 + Acc Unit$1597.06
FG1R36700-TY3-A06 + Acc Unit$1565.70
FG1L71170-SL0-010 + Absorber, Front Bumper$191.75
FG1X52340-TZ3-A72 + Actuator Assembly, R Rtc$1551.12
FG1D39820-TP1-A53 + XM Unit (Hip)$2612.22
FG1B39820-STX-A44 + XM Unit (Hip)$988.12
FG1K71170-SEP-A02 + Absorber, Front Bumper$78.08
FG1581230-S3V-A61 + Adjuster Assembly, R Reclining$405.59
FG1Z74480-STX-A04 + Adapter Assembly, Fuel Filler$46.73
FG1H39820-STX-A46RM + XM Unit (RMD) (Warranty Only) (Honda Information Platform)$442.59
FG1163915-SL0-010 + Adapter, Fuel Cap$76.52
FG1981660-SZ3-A85 + Adjuster, L Slide (Outer)$1620.03
FG1V76210-STX-H03 + Actuator Assembly$43.58
FG1N36700-SJA-A02 + Acc Unit$1469.50
FG1M71570-SEP-H01 + Absorber, Rear Bumper$105.66
FG1A39820-STK-A54 + XM Unit (Hip)$1135.65
FG1G39820-SJA-A52 + XM Unit (Hip)(Delphi Delco)$1849.91
FG1681260-S3M-A02 + Adjuster Assembly, R Slide (Outer)$159.52
FG1039113-TL2-A02 + Adapter Unit, USB (A-Type)$484.13
FG1I39790-SL0-023 + ABS Control Unit$1695.04
FG1W52345-TZ3-A72 + Actuator Assembly, L Rtc$1551.12
FG1T36700-TZ6-305 + Acc Unit$541.05
FG1481230-S3V-A51 + Adjuster Assembly, R Reclining$405.59