GV - Armrest, L Front Door Lining *NH167L* (Graphite Black), OEM Acura part #83585-STK-A02ZA

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Here you will find information about GV - Armrest, L Front Door Lining *NH167L* (Graphite Black). Each part in online catalog has a unique oem parts number.

Acura L Front Door Lining *NH167L* (Graphite Black), part #83585-STK-A02ZA
  • Manufactured: Acura
  • Part number: 83585-STK-A02ZA
  • Part: Armrest, L Front Door Lining *NH167L* (Graphite Black)
  • Replaces: 83585-STK-A01ZA
  • Price: $166.13

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2007AcuraRDX 5-DOOR5 Speed AutomaticRDX, TECH
2008AcuraRDX 5-DOOR5 Speed AutomaticRDX, TECH
2009AcuraRDX 5-DOOR5 Speed AutomaticRDX, TECH

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GVUF04715-S0K-A90ZZ + Face, Rear Bumper (DOT)$343.12
GVUS19020-PR7-A03 + Fan, Cooling (Mitsuba)$51.61
GVU360260-TX4-A91ZZ + Fender Assembly, L Front (DOT)$332.24
GVUE04715-SZ3-306ZZ + Face, Rear Bumper$468.23
GVUC04715-SJA-305ZZ + Face, Rear (DOT)$454.82
GVUJ04715-ST8-A91ZZ + Face, Rear Bumper (DOT)$389.26
GVUO04715-TX4-A60ZZ + Face, Rear Bumper (Upper) (DOT)$372.72
GVUY73152-SL0-013 + Fastener, Front Windshield (Upper)$101.81
GVU774100-SEP-A10 + Fender Assembly, R Front (Inner)$42.96
GVU874100-TL2-A10 + Fender Assembly, R Front (Inner)$106.24
GVU239167-SJA-A02 + Feeder Assembly, Onstar$170.01
GVUP74105-SEP-A01 + Fairing, R Front Fender$13.80
GVUQ19016-P72-305 + Fan Assembly, Cooling$297.46
GVUR19020-PNL-G01 + Fan, Cooling$47.23
GVUL04715-SZ3-A90ZZ + Face, Rear Bumper (DOT)$468.23
GVUX04734-SZ3-000 + Fastener Set, Windshield$5.11
GVUD04715-ST8-406ZZ + Face, Rear (DOT)$389.26
GVUB71101-SL0-A90ZZ + Face, Front Bumper (DOT)$1115.58
GVUK04715-STK-A92 + Face, Rear Bumper (DOT)$258.88
GVU574150-TL2-A10 + Fender Assembly, L Front (Inner)$106.24
GVUZ90619-SK7-000 + Fastener, Rear Windshield (Lower)$4.77
GVUH04715-SL0-A90ZZ + Face, Rear Bumper (DOT)$1169.79
GVU139160-SJA-A03 + Feeder Assembly, Antenna$97.59
GVU960260-TL0-A91ZZ + Fender, L Front (DOT)$309.96
GVUV90617-SK7-010 + Fastener A, Rear Windshield (Upper)$4.77
GVUN04715-TZ3-A80ZZ + Face, Rear Bumper (DOT)$397.84
GVUM04715-SZN-R90ZZ + Face, Rear Bumper (DOT)$499.70
GVUA04711-TZ3-A80ZZ + Face, Front Bumper (DOT)$340.48
GVUG04715-S3V-A80ZZ + Face, Rear Bumper (DOT)$398.26
GVU660210-TX4-A91ZZ + Fender Assembly, R Front (DOT)$332.24
GVU074101-SL0-505 + Fdr, R Front (Inner)$148.02
GVUI04715-ST7-A90ZZ + Face, Rear Bumper (DOT)$389.26
GVUW04734-SX0-000 + Fastener Set, Windshield$10.76
GVUT19020-PT0-305 + Fan, Cooling (Mitsuba)$51.09
GVU474150-SEP-A10 + Fender Assembly, L Front (Inner)$42.96
GVFU81711-S0K-A61 + Cord, L Power Seat (8 Way)$106.72
GVFF36700-ST7-A12 + Controller, Auto Cruise$401.12
GVFS39624-SZ3-010 + Cord Assembly, Accessory$13.72
GVF339107-TK4-A02 + Cover$14.95
GVFE38329-TY2-A13 + Control Unit, Smart Power$829.10
GVFC38320-TZ4-A02 + Control Unit, Smart Power$326.51
GVFJ18160-RL8-A01 + Converter$316.14
GVFO18190-R70-A20 + Converter, Front Primary$360.60
GVFY81311-S0K-A61 + Cord, R Power Seat (4 Way)$77.42
GVF772017-SJA-305ZM + Cover & H*NH731P*$59.35
GVF872016-SJA-305ZN + Cover & H*NH736M*$59.35
GVF233127-SNB-C11 + Cover$22.12
GVFP18290-R70-A10 + Converter, Rear Primary$343.12
GVFQ25510-RP6-013 + Cooler (Atf)$219.90
GVFR53765-STX-A02 + Cooler Cmp Power Steering Oil$73.25
GVFL18150-5J2-A51 + Converter Assembly$322.95
GVFX81606-SJA-A02 + Cord, L Power Seat (8WAY)$107.81
GVFD38329-TY2-A03 + Control Unit, Smart Power$829.10
GVFB1K020-R9S-A54 + Control Unit, Rear Motor Electronic (Rewritable)$1170.43
GVFK18160-P75-A61 + Converter (Fpj/HDM382)$919.86
GVF572017-SJA-305ZG + Cover & H*NH686M*$59.35
GVFZ81311-S3V-A51 + Cord, R Power Seat (8WAY)$43.45
GVFH18160-P8C-305 + Converter$855.86
GVF179110-S6D-G02 + Core, Heater$295.44
GVF972016-SJA-305ZJ + Cover & H*YR538M*$59.35
GVFV81711-S0K-A63 + Cord, L Power Seat (8 Way)$79.41
GVFN18290-R70-A02 + Converter Comp, Rear Prim$370.16
GVFM1C800-R9S-013 + Converter Assembly, DC-DC (12V)$988.12
GVFA39770-SEP-A62ZA + Control Unit, Hfi *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$338.34
GVFG18151-5J6-A02 + Converter$381.81
GVF672017-SJA-305ZL + Cover & H*NH717P*$59.35
GVF079115-TA5-A01 + Core Sub-Assembly, Heater$146.35
GVFI18160-P8F-305 + Converter$705.75
GVFW81606-SEP-A02 + Cord, L Power Seat (8WAY)$94.14
GVFT81606-STX-A01 + Cord L, Power Seat$94.87
GVF472017-SJA-305ZF + Cover & H*NH685M*$59.35
GVSU37820-RP6-A78 + Electronic Control$647.39
GVSF37820-RYE-A59 + Ecu$695.46
GVSS37820-RJA-A84 + Electronic Control$1066.77
GVS375722-STK-A02 + Emblem Set, Rear (RDX)$41.54
GVSE37820-RWC-A75 + Ecu$618.13
GVSC37820-RK2-A79 + Ecu$931.11
GVSJ37820-RYE-B33 + Ecu$799.85
GVSO37010-RBB-309 + Ecu Assembly$1358.95
GVSY17220-RAA-A01 + Element Assembly, Air Cleaner (Blue)$23.38
GVS775701-SL5-A00 + Emblem, Rear Center (A)$44.15
GVS875701-TZ3-A02 + Emblem, Rear Center (A)$11.63
GVS280292-TZ3-A41 + Element, Filter$34.09
GVSP37820-PND-416 + Electronic Control$729.88
GVSQ37820-PND-425 + Electronic Control$752.84
GVSR37820-PRB-425 + Electronic Control$752.84
GVSL37010-RBB-306 + Ecu Assembly$1219.89
GVSX17220-RBB-505 + Element Assembly, A/C$26.61
GVSD37820-RWC-A64 + Ecu$618.13
GVSB37820-RDJ-405 + Ecu$808.11
GVSK37010-RBB-305 + Ecu Assembly$1357.21
GVS575701-SEC-A00 + Emblem, Rear (A)$26.33
GVSZ80292-SDA-407 + Element Filter$20.17
GVSH37820-RYE-A89 + Ecu$642.56
GVS117220-P72-505 + Element, Air Cleaner$35.96
GVS974155-TX4-A50 + Enclosure, L Front Fender$8.49
GVSV39151-SWA-306 + Element Assembly$19.48
GVSN37010-RBB-308 + Ecu Assembly$1358.95
GVSM37010-RBB-307 + Ecu Assembly$1357.21
GVSA37820-RDJ-325 + Ecu$818.12
GVSG37820-RYE-A79 + Ecu$669.66
GVS675705-SZ3-A00 + Emblem, Rear (A)$24.30
GVS017220-P5A-505 + Element, Air Cleaner$38.66
GVSI37820-RYE-B23 + Ecu$799.85
GVSW39151-SWA-305 + Element Assembly (Yokoo)$30.69
GVST37820-RP6-A58 + Electronic Control$647.39
GVS475700-SL0-A03 + Emblem, Front (A)$125.38