GX - Armrest, L Front Door Lining *NH690L* (Premium Black), OEM Acura part #83585-STK-A03ZC

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Here you will find information about GX - Armrest, L Front Door Lining *NH690L* (Premium Black). Each part in online catalog has a unique oem parts number.

Acura L Front Door Lining *NH690L* (Premium Black), part #83585-STK-A03ZC
  • Manufactured: Acura
  • Part number: 83585-STK-A03ZC
  • Part: Armrest, L Front Door Lining *NH690L* (Premium Black)
  • Replaces: 83585-STK-A02ZC
  • Price: $166.13

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2010AcuraRDX 5-DOOR5 Speed AutomaticRDX, RDX (SH-AWD), TECH, TECH (SH-AWD)
2011AcuraRDX 5-DOOR5 Speed AutomaticBASE, BASE (SH-AWD), TECH, TECH (SH-AWD)
2012AcuraRDX 5-DOOR5 Speed AutomaticBASE (2WD), BASE (SH-AWD), TECH (2WD), TECH (SH-AWD)

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GXUF71850-S0K-305ZF + Garnish Assembly*NH623M*$160.58
GXUS77295-S6M-A02ZB + Garnish Assembly, Center Console *YR232L* (Dark Titanium)$58.02
GXU384171-TY2-A02ZC + Garnish Assembly, L Center Pillar (Lower) *NH690L* (Premium Black)$94.47
GXUE71800-S0K-305ZF + Garnish Assembly*NH623M*$160.58
GXUC71800-S0K-305ZK + Garnish Assembly*NH603P*$145.98
GXUJ84101-STX-A03ZE + Garnish Assembly*NH690L*$115.26
GXUO84211-STX-A02ZC + Garnish Assembly*YR292L*$25.01
GXUY84161-STX-A01ZD + Garnish Assembly, L Center (Upper) *YR240L* (Light Cream Ivory)$73.31
GXU784161-TL0-G02ZA + Garnish Assembly, L Center Pillar (Upper) *NH556L* (Grayge)$100.35
GXU884161-TX4-A02ZB + Garnish Assembly, L Center Pillar (Upper) *NH556L* (Grayge)$26.66
GXU284171-SJA-A03ZD + Garnish Assembly, L Center Pillar (Lower) *NH690L* (Premium Black)$92.90
GXUP77295-S6M-A04ZD + Garnish Assembly, Center Con$94.47
GXUQ77295-S6M-A04ZE + Garnish Assembly, Center Con$94.47
GXUR77295-S6M-A02ZA + Garnish Assembly, Center Console *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$58.02
GXUL84161-STX-A12ZB + Garnish Assembly*NH690L*$167.39
GXUX84161-STX-A01ZC + Garnish Assembly, L Center (Upper) *NH556L* (Grayge)$73.31
GXUD71850-S0K-305ZK + Garnish Assembly*NH603P*$160.58
GXUB84261-STX-A02ZB + Garnish Assembly*NH557L*$25.01
GXUK84111-STX-A12ZB + Garnish Assembly*NH690L*$167.39
GXU584161-SEP-A02ZA + Garnish Assembly, L Center Pillar (Upper) *NH528L* (Moon Lake Gray)$65.08
GXUZ77255-SJA-A03ZA + Garnish Assembly, L Center *NH572L* (Dark Silver)$82.33
GXUH71800-S0K-305ZR + Garnish Assembly*NH643M*$145.98
GXU184171-SJA-A03ZB + Garnish Assembly, L Center Pillar (Lower) *NH556L* (Grayge)$92.90
GXU984161-TX6-A02ZB + Garnish Assembly, L Center Pillar (Upper) *NH556L* (Grayge)$29.02
GXUV77293-SEP-A02ZA + Garnish Assembly, Front Passenger Console *Trealmetal* (Real Metal)$295.97
GXUN84443-STX-A02ZD + Garnish Assembly*YR240L*$18.35
GXUM84161-STX-A12ZA + Garnish Assembly*YR240L*$167.39
GXUA84211-STX-A02ZB + Garnish Assembly*NH557L*$25.01
GXUG84161-SJA-A03ZD + Garnish Assembly*NH636L*$91.99
GXU684161-TK4-A02ZA + Garnish Assembly, L Center Pillar (Upper) *NH556L* (Grayge)$56.06
GXU084171-S3V-A01ZA + Garnish Assembly, L Center Pillar (Lower) *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$72.89
GXUI71850-S0K-305ZR + Garnish Assembly*NH643M*$145.98
GXUW84161-STX-A01ZB + Garnish Assembly, L Center (Upper) *NH425L* (Light Seagull Gray)$73.31
GXUT77451-SJA-A02ZB + Garnish Assembly, Front Defroster *NH557L* (Medium Gray)$52.55
GXU484171-S3V-A01ZB + Garnish Assembly, L Center Pillar (Lower) *YR203L* (Saddle)$72.89
GXFU51687-SP0-014 + Cover, Front Sleeve Dust$59.57
GXFF83420-S3V-A51ZB + Cover, Front Hinge *NH528L* (Moon Lake Gray)$7.27
GXFS81128-SEA-J12ZD + Cover, Front Seat-Back *YR240L* (Light Cream Ivory)$145.83
GXF374125-SZ3-A01 + Cover, Hood Lock$14.10
GXFE83420-S3V-A51ZA + Cover, Front Hinge *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$7.27
GXFC71129-TP1-A50 + Cover, Front Grille$59.77
GXFJ81128-SEA-J12ZA + Cover, Front Seat-Back *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$145.83
GXFO81129-SJA-A03ZB + Cover, Front Seat-Back *NH556L* (Leather) (Grayge)$247.36
GXFY77521-SEP-A04ZA + Cover, Glove Box *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$120.83
GXF772184-SJA-J12ZB + Cover, L *B532P* (Opulent Blue Pearl)$59.35
GXF872184-SJA-J12ZC + Cover, L *B92P* (Nighthawk Black Pearl)$59.35
GXF271835-SA5-933 + Cover, Grab Rail$3.85
GXFP81128-TL0-G12ZA + Cover, Front Seat-Back *NH690L* (Premium Black)$199.53
GXFQ81126-SZ3-A62ZC + Cover, Front Seat-Back *YR169L* (Leather) (Mild Beige)$270.14
GXFR81129-SJA-A03ZC + Cover, Front Seat-Back *YR240L* (Leather) (Light Cream Ivory)$247.36
GXFL81128-S87-A62ZF + Cover, Front Seat-Back *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$374.76
GXFX17668-S6M-010 + Cover, Fuel Filler Pipe$34.59
GXFD83420-S3V-A02ZA + Cover, Front Hinge *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$5.70
GXFB12310-RCA-A03 + Cover, Front Cylinder Head$162.69
GXFK81126-SZ3-A62ZA + Cover, Front Seat-Back *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$270.06
GXF517140-RKB-013 + Cover, In Manifold (Upper)$234.40
GXFZ77521-SEP-A04ZB + Cover, Glove Box *NH528L* (Moon Lake Gray)$120.83
GXFH83420-S3V-A51ZC + Cover, Front Hinge *YR203L* (Saddle)$7.27
GXF177521-SEP-A04ZD + Cover, Glove Box *YR240L* (Light Cream Ivory)$120.83
GXF972184-SJA-A02ZD + Cover, L *NH624P* (Premium White Pearl)$59.35
GXFV51687-SR0-A02 + Cover, Front Sleeve Dust (Showa)$4.36
GXFN81128-SEA-J12ZF + Cover, Front Seat-Back *NH528L* (Moon Lake Gray)$145.83
GXFM81129-SJA-A03ZA + Cover, Front Seat-Back *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$247.36
GXFA12310-PGK-A00 + Cover, Front Cylinder Head$149.82
GXFG83420-S3V-A02ZB + Cover, Front Hinge *YR203L* (Saddle)$5.70
GXF681243-TA0-A71ZA + Cover, Inner-Reclining (Upper)*NH167L* (Graphite Black)$15.12
GXF077521-SEP-A04ZC + Cover, Glove Box *YR167L* (Light Tan)$120.83
GXFI81126-SZ3-A62ZH + Cover, Front Seat-Back *B96L* (Leather) (Light Lapis)$270.06
GXFW77296-S0K-A02ZA + Cover, Front*G49L*$90.82
GXFT81128-TL0-G12ZC + Cover, Front Seat-Back *YR372L* (Premium Ivory)$199.53
GXF474125-TY2-A01 + Cover, Hood Lock$23.83
GXSU65660-SEC-A01ZZ + Frame, L Rear$452.77
GXSF81526-TL2-A02 + Frame, L Front Seat-Back$1189.99
GXSS65660-S3V-A10ZZ + Frame, L Rear$1067.34
GXS360433-STX-A01ZZ + Frame, R Front Bulkhead (Upper)$64.38
GXSE81526-SZN-A52 + Frame, L Front Seat-Back$2155.37
GXSC81526-STK-A12 + Frame, L Front Seat-Back$1967.02
GXSJ60910-STK-A01ZZ + Frame, L Front Side$811.37
GXSO60901-SL0-310ZZ + Frame, L Front Side (Outer) (Rear)$824.28
GXSY65660-SZ3-A01ZZ + Frame, L Rear$461.09
GXS781126-TK4-L22 + Frame, R Front Seat$1044.83
GXS881126-SDB-A73 + Frame, R Front Seat-Back$1146.91
GXS282526-TX4-A02 + Frame, L Rear Seat-Back$145.44
GXSP81736-S3V-A12 + Frame, L Middle Seat Cushion$253.55
GXSQ81726-S3V-A32 + Frame, L Middle Seat-Back$281.64
GXSR65660-S3V-305ZZ + Frame, L Rear$1027.10
GXSL60910-SZ3-A02ZZ + Frame, L Front Side$588.40
GXSX65660-STX-A01ZZ + Frame, L Rear$817.81
GXSD81526-STX-A02 + Frame, L Front Seat-Back$1078.99
GXSB81526-SJA-A02 + Frame, L Front Seat-Back$907.44
GXSK60910-STX-A01ZZ + Frame, L Front Side$847.76
GXS565110-STX-A02ZZ + Frame, R Front Floor$4787.03
GXSZ65660-TX4-A01ZZ + Frame, L Rear$332.03
GXSH60910-S3V-A02ZZ + Frame, L Front Side$1430.43
GXS165664-SJA-A01ZZ + Frame, L Rear Floor (Upper)$69.78
GXS981126-SJA-A02 + Frame, R Front Seat-Back$872.77
GXSV65660-SJA-A01ZZ + Frame, L Rear$729.05
GXSN60911-SEC-A01ZZ + Frame, L Front Side$111.72
GXSM60910-TK4-A01ZZ + Frame, L Front Side$546.22
GXSA81526-S3V-A32 + Frame, L Front Seat-Back$318.15
GXSG60900-SL0-A01ZZ + Frame, L Front Side$3794.62
GXS681126-TK4-A13 + Frame, R Front Seat$1044.83
GXS065661-SEA-E11ZZ + Frame, L Rear$162.69
GXSI60910-SJA-A02ZZ + Frame, L Front Side$591.15
GXSW65660-ST8-A03ZZ + Frame, L Rear$329.74
GXST65660-S6M-A50ZZ + Frame, L Rear$452.77
GXS465110-S3V-A01ZZ + Frame, R Front Floor$1166.53