JE - Bearing Assembly, Front Hub (Koyo Seiko), OEM Acura part #44300-SP0-004

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Acura Front Hub (Koyo Seiko), part #44300-SP0-004
  • Manufactured: Acura
  • Part number: 44300-SP0-004
  • Part: Bearing Assembly, Front Hub (Koyo Seiko)
  • Replaces: 44300-SP0-008
  • Price: $112.88

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
1996AcuraTL SEDAN4 Speed AutomaticBAS3.2, PRE3.2
1997AcuraTL SEDAN4 Speed AutomaticBAS3.2, PRE3.2
1998AcuraTL SEDAN4 Speed AutomaticBAS3.2
1997AcuraRL SEDAN4 Speed AutomaticBASE, PREM
1999AcuraRL SEDAN4 Speed AutomaticRL, RL (NAVIGATION)
2000AcuraRL SEDAN4 Speed AutomaticRL, RL (NAVIGATION)
2001AcuraRL SEDAN4 Speed AutomaticRL, RL (NAVIGATION)
2002AcuraRL SEDAN4 Speed AutomaticRL, RL (NAVIGATION)
2003AcuraRL SEDAN4 Speed AutomaticRL, RL (NAVIGATION)
2004AcuraRL SEDAN4 Speed AutomaticRL, RL (NAVIGATION)
1992AcuraLEGEND SEDAN4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualL, L (MOQUETTE), LS, STD
1993AcuraLEGEND SEDAN4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualL, L (MOQUETTE), LS, STD
1994AcuraLEGEND SEDAN4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed Manual, 6 Speed ManualGS, L, L (MOQUETTE), LS
1995AcuraLEGEND SEDAN4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed Manual, 6 Speed ManualGS, L, L (MOQUETTE), L SPL (SPECIAL ED.), LS
1992AcuraLEGEND COUPE4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualL, L* (MOQUETTE), LS
1993AcuraLEGEND COUPE4 Speed Automatic, 6 Speed ManualL, LS
1994AcuraLEGEND COUPE4 Speed Automatic, 6 Speed ManualL, LS
1995AcuraLEGEND COUPE4 Speed Automatic, 6 Speed ManualL, LS

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JEUR74260-STX-A01 + Insulator, Dashboard$204.96
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JEUX74141-SEP-A10 + Insulator, Hood$127.31
JEUD44600-S04-A00 + Hub Assembly, Front$200.86
JEUB53645-S6M-A53 + Housing, Valve$169.98
JEUK39360-S9V-A01 + Initiator Unit, TPMS$38.50
JEU574641-TL0-G10 + Insulator, R Rear Wheelhouse$58.20
JEUZ74141-SZ3-020 + Insulator, Hood$86.54
JEUH39730-S84-A02 + Immobilizer Unit$90.81
JEU174141-TL0-G20 + Insulator, Hood$114.09
JEU989310-SDA-A11 + Jack Assembly, Pantograph$101.80
JEUV74141-S3V-A02 + Insulator, Hood$176.08
JEUN50810-SZ3-023 + Insulator Assembly, R Front Engine Mounting$481.57
JEUM50815-SZ3-023 + Insulator Assembly, L Front Engine Mounting$404.47
JEUA60650-ST7-R01ZZ + Housing, R Front Shock Absorber$335.34
JEUG39730-S3V-A01 + Immobilizer Unit$103.82
JEU639112-TZ5-A02 + Jack Assembly, Auxiliary In$10.28
JEU074141-TK4-A02 + Insulator, Hood$119.05
JEUI39730-SDA-A11 + Immobilizer Unit$56.11
JEUW74141-SEA-010 + Insulator, Hood$100.07
JEUT74623-SL0-010 + Insulator, Engine Maintenance Lid$99.45
JEU474641-SEA-010 + Insulator, R Rear Wheelhouse$47.69
JEFU74900-STX-305ZE + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate Spoiler *NH689M* (Billet Silver Metallic)$606.55
JEFF74895-SZN-A04ZZ + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate (Lower)$445.82
JEFS74900-STK-A03ZC + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate Spoiler *NH603P* (White Diamond Pearl)$333.83
JEF374900-STX-305ZR + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate Spoiler *NH743M* (Palladium Metallic)$606.55
JEFE74890-TZ5-A02 + Garnish Assembly, Rear License$524.42
JEFC84601-SZ3-E00ZA + Garnish Assembly, R Trunk Side *NH85L* (Gray Eleven)$185.91
JEFJ74890-TX4-A02ZB + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate (Lower) *R548P* (Basque Red Pearl II)$279.90
JEFO74900-STX-305ZL + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate Spoiler *B552P* (Bali Blue Pearl)$606.55
JEFY74900-STX-305ZN + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate Spoiler *NH731P* (Crystal Black Pearl)$606.55
JEF774900-STX-305ZM + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate Spoiler *YR573M* (Mocha Metallic)$606.55
JEF874900-STX-305ZS + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate Spoiler *YR580M* (Ionized Bronze Metallic)$606.55
JEF274900-STX-305ZK + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate Spoiler *NH741M* (Sterling Gray Metallic)$606.55
JEFP74900-STK-A02ZB + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate Spoiler *B92P* (Nighthawk Black Pearl)$754.47
JEFQ74900-STX-305ZB + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate Spoiler *G525M* (Aberdeen Green Metallic)$606.55
JEFR74900-STX-305ZC + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate Spoiler *NH578* (Taffeta White)$606.55
JEFL74890-TX4-A02ZJ + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate (Lower) *YR600M* (Kona Coffee Metallic)$279.90
JEFX74900-STX-305ZG + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate Spoiler *NH707* (Formal Black II)$606.55
JEFD75530-TK4-A01ZB + Garnish Assembly, Rear Bumper Center (Upper) *Schrome* (Satin Chromium Plating)$86.51
JEFB74895-TL0-G02 + Garnish Assembly, R Trunk Hinge (A)$14.64
JEFK74890-TX4-A02ZA + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate (Lower) *YR578M* (Amber Brownstone)$279.90
JEF574900-STX-305ZH + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate Spoiler *R529P* (Dark Cherry Pearl)$606.55
JEFZ74900-STX-305ZP + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate Spoiler *NH736M* (Grigio Metallic)$606.55
JEFH74890-TX4-A02ZE + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate (Lower) *NH731P* (Crystal Black Pearl)$279.90
JEF174900-STX-305ZQ + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate Spoiler *NH737M* (Polished Metal Metallic)$606.55
JEF983598-SL0-A00ZE + Garnish B, L *NH1L* (Black)$96.04
JEFV74900-STK-A02ZE + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate Spoiler *NH700M* (Silver Moon)$754.47
JEFN74900-STK-A02ZA + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate Spoiler *B536P* (Royal Blue Pearl)$830.53
JEFM84443-S3V-A01ZD + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate (Upper) *YR204L* (Light Saddle)$72.67
JEFA84435-TX4-A02ZA + Garnish Assembly, R Tailgate Side *YR436L* (Sandstorm)$14.90
JEFG74890-TX4-A02ZG + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate (Lower) *NH603P* (White Diamond Pearl)$279.90
JEF674900-STK-A02ZG + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate Spoiler *YR562P* (Carbon Bronze Pearl)$754.47
JEF074900-STK-A03ZH + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate Spoiler *NH737M* (Polished Metal Metallic)$739.69
JEFI74890-TX4-A02ZD + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate (Lower) *NH782M* (Graphite Luster Metallic)$279.90
JEFW74900-STX-305ZF + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate Spoiler *NH705M* (Nimbus Gray Metallic)$606.55
JEFT74900-STX-305ZD + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate Spoiler *NH677P* (Aspen White Pearl)$606.55
JEF474900-STK-A02ZF + Garnish Assembly, Tailgate Spoiler *R528P* (Moroccan Red Pearl)$754.47
JESU25212-PGK-010 + Hose (Atf)$39.67
JESF38100-TY2-A02 + Horn Assembly (Low)$39.57
JESS25212-P8A-003 + Hose (400MM) (Atf) (Bs)$29.22
JES301468-S0K-A52 + Hose Set, L Rear Brake$38.98
JESE38100-STK-A02 + Horn Assembly (Low)$17.47
JESC38100-S1F-013 + Horn Assembly (Low)$69.63
JESJ38100-SR3-901 + Horn Assembly (Low) (Mitsuba)$71.96
JESO38100-S3V-305 + Horn Assembly, Low$71.73
JESY01464-STX-A01 + Hose Set, Front Brake$22.29
JES701465-SDA-A03 + Hose Set, L.Front.Bra$46.85
JES801464-TR7-A03 + Hose Set, R Front Brake$21.30
JES201465-TY2-A02 + Hose Set, L Front Brake$43.83
JESP38100-SEP-305 + Horn Assembly, Low$71.73
JESQ38100-SEP-306 + Horn Assembly, Low$72.11
JESR25211-RYE-016 + Hose (200MM) (Atf) (Nichirin)$7.39
JESL38150-S3V-305 + Horn Assembly, High$71.73
JESX79721-S3M-A02 + Hose Comp, Water In$8.60
JESD38100-SM4-A02 + Horn Assembly (Low)$71.96
JESB38150-SH3-013 + Horn Assembly (High) (Mitsuba)$72.80
JESK38100-SZ3-A02 + Horn Assembly(Low)$42.03
JES501468-TZ5-A01 + Hose Set, L Rear Brake$29.93
JESZ01465-TR0-A01 + Hose Set, L Front Brake$21.38
JESH38100-S7S-013 + Horn Assembly (Low) (Mitsuba)$49.65
JES101465-TX4-A02 + Hose Set, L Front Brake$20.73
JES901464-TX4-A02 + Hose Set, R Front Brake$20.73
JESV80311-TZ5-A03 + Hose Assembly, Suction$129.39
JESN38150-SEP-306 + Horn Assembly, High$72.11
JESM38150-SEP-305 + Horn Assembly, High$71.73
JESA38150-SFE-013 + Horn Assembly (High) (Mitsuba)$41.17
JESG38100-TZ5-A11 + Horn Assembly (Low)$20.59
JES601468-TR3-A52 + Hose Set, L Rear Brake (Disk)$34.50
JES001465-TR7-A03 + Hose Set, L Front Brake$21.30
JESI38100-SDB-A02 + Horn Assembly (Low) (Mitsuba)$28.53
JESW53713-SEP-A14 + Hose Comp, Power Steering Feed$89.87
JEST25216-PY3-901 + Hose (435MM)$33.10
JES401468-TX4-A01 + Hose Set, L Rear Brake$35.41