JV - Belt, Compressor (Bando), OEM Acura part #38920-RBB-E03

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Acura Compressor (Bando), part #38920-RBB-E03
  • Manufactured: Acura
  • Part number: 38920-RBB-E03
  • Part: Belt, Compressor (Bando)
  • Replaces: 38920-RBB-E01, 38920-RBB-E02
  • Price: $64.40

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2004AcuraTSX SEDAN5 Speed Automatic, 6 Speed ManualTSX, TSX (NAVIGATION)
2005AcuraTSX SEDAN5 Speed Automatic, 6 Speed ManualTSX, TSX (NAVIGATION)
2006AcuraTSX SEDAN5 Speed Automatic, 6 Speed ManualTSX, TSX (NAVIGATION)
2007AcuraTSX SEDAN5 Speed Automatic, 6 Speed ManualTSX, TSX (NAVIGATION)
2008AcuraTSX SEDAN5 Speed Automatic, 6 Speed ManualTSX, TSX (NAVIGATION)

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JVUQ04646-SZ3-305ZZ + Panel Set, L Rear (Outer)$1034.20
JVUR04646-SZ3-340ZZ + Panel Set, L Rear (Outer)$1074.53
JVUL04645-TK4-A10ZZ + Panel Set, L Front (Outer)$529.22
JVUX04646-TZ3-A90ZZ + Panel Set, L Rear (Outer) (DOT)$765.32
JVUD04645-S3V-300ZZ + Panel Set, L Front (Outer)$929.45
JVUB04646-TX6-A92ZZ + Panel Set, L (DOT)$631.39
JVUK04645-SZ3-A05ZZ + Panel Set, L Front (Outer)$1778.00
JVU504635-ST7-A01ZZ + Panel Set, R Front (Outer)$462.65
JVUZ64700-SJA-345ZZ + Panel Set, L Rear Inside$645.95
JVUH04645-ST7-A01ZZ + Panel Set, L Front (Outer)$462.65
JVU104635-S3V-300ZZ + Panel Set, R Front (Outer)$929.45
JVU904635-SZ3-A06ZZ + Panel Set, R Front (Outer)$1778.00
JVUV04646-TK4-A92ZZ + Panel Set, L Rear (Outer) (DOT)$698.69
JVUN04611-S3V-A01ZZ + Panel Set, L Front Bulkhead$206.47
JVUM04645-TZ3-A00ZZ + Panel Set, L Front (Outer)$511.97
JVUA04636-TX4-A94ZZ + Panel Set R, Rear O(DOT$501.61
JVUG04645-SJA-A01ZZ + Panel Set, L Front (Outer)$823.60
JVU604635-ST8-A00ZZ + Panel Set, R Front (Outer)$603.92
JVU004635-S0K-305ZZ + Panel Set, R Front (Outer)$1442.27
JVUI04645-ST7-R01ZZ + Panel Set, L Front (Outer)$462.65
JVUW04646-TZ3-A80ZZ + Panel Set, L Rear (Outer) (DOT)$765.32
JVUT04646-S3V-A80ZZ + Panel Set, L Rear (Outer) (DOT)$1169.95
JVU404635-SJA-A01ZZ + Panel Set, R Front (Outer)$823.60
JVFU76400-SJA-A02ZA + Mirror Assembly, Rear-view *NH167L* (Auto Day/Night) (Graphite Black)$170.67
JVFF76200-S3V-A02ZE + Mirror Assembly, R Door *YR520M*(Heated) (Mesa Beige Metallic)$268.12
JVFS76400-STX-A02 + Mirror Assembly, Rear-view (Monitor)$595.46
JVF376250-SJA-315ZE + Mirror Set *NH736M*$637.02
JVFE76200-SEC-A22ZG + Mirror Assembly, R Door *R81* (R.C.) (Milano Red)$415.96
JVFC76200-S6M-C42ZE + Mirror Assembly, R Door *R81* (Heated) (Milano Red)$297.35
JVFJ76200-SEP-A03ZH + Mirror Assembly, R Door *YR538M* (Desert Mist Metallic)$303.89
JVFO76400-SEC-A12 + Mirror Assembly, Rear-view (Auto Day/Night)$134.82
JVFY76400-SEP-A02ZA + Mirror Assembly, Rear-view *Tblack* (Auto Day/Night) (Black)$170.98
JVF776253-SJA-305 + Mirror Set, L (R1400) (Heated)(Coo)$70.47
JVF876250-SJA-315ZB + Mirror Set, L Door *NH717P* (R.C.)(Heated)(Coo) (Alberta White Pearl)$637.02
JVF276200-SJA-315ZE + Mirror Set *NH736M*$637.66
JVFP76400-SDA-A03 + Mirror Assembly, Rear-view (Day/Night)$19.14
JVFQ76400-SEA-305 + Mirror Assembly, Rear-view (Day/Night)(Coo)$24.03
JVFR76400-STK-A02 + Mirror Assembly, Rear-view (Monitor)$523.78
JVFL76200-SEP-A12ZL + Mirror Assembly, R Door *YR574M* (Bold Beige Metallic)$388.39
JVFX76400-SZ3-A52ZA + Mirror Assembly, Rear-view *NH284L* (Light Quartz Gray)$714.93
JVFD76200-SEC-C43ZE + Mirror Assembly, R Door *R81* (Heated) (Milano Red)$420.12
JVFB76200-TL0-315ZM + Mirror Assembly, R Door *R81* (Coo)(R.C.)(Heated) (Milano Red)$556.43
JVFK76200-SEP-A12ZJ + Mirror Assembly, R Door *YR562P* (Carbon Bronze Pearl)$388.39
JVF576200-SJA-315ZG + Mirror Set *R522P*$637.66
JVFZ76400-SZ3-A52ZC + Mirror Assembly, Rear-view *YR169L* (Mild Beige)$742.81
JVFH76200-S3V-A02ZF + Mirror Assembly, R Door *YR530P*(Heated) (Deep Mahogany Pearl)$268.12
JVF176250-SJA-305ZL + Mirror Set *NH624P*$637.02
JVF976250-SJA-315ZC + Mirror Set, L Door *NH727M* (R.C.)(Heated)(Coo) (Platinum Frost Metallic)$533.56
JVFV76400-S3V-A02ZA + Mirror Assembly, Rear-view *NH1L* (Auto Day/Night) (Black)$164.22
JVFN76200-TZ3-A22ZA + Mirror Assembly, R Door *YR601P*(R.C.) (Bronze Black Pearl)$460.80
JVFM76200-TZ3-A02ZA + Mirror Assembly, R Door *YR601P*(R.C.) (Bronze Black Pearl)$356.33
JVFA76200-TZ3-A22ZF + Mirror Assembly, R Door *R548P* (R.C.) (Basque Red Pearl II)$460.80
JVFG76200-SEP-A12ZH + Mirror Assembly, R Door *YR528M* (Shoreline Mist Metallic)$388.39
JVF676258-SZN-A02 + Mirror Set, L (Memory)(Heated)(Auto Turn)$280.80
JVF076250-SJA-315ZA + Mirror Set *B532P*$637.02
JVFI76200-S3V-A12ZF + Mirror Assembly, R Door *YR530P*(Heated) (Deep Mahogany Pearl)$263.01
JVFW76400-SZ3-A52ZD + Mirror Assembly, Rear-view *NH1L* (Black)$535.15
JVFT76400-SZN-A02 + Mirror Assembly, Rear-view (Monitor)$647.92
JVF476200-SJA-315ZF + Mirror Set *NH750M*$637.66
JVSU81127-TK5-L62 + Pad, R Front Seat-Back (With Opds Sensor)$498.63
JVSF43022-SR2-030 + Pad Set, Rear (7CLP-13S)$57.33
JVSS81122-S3V-A34 + Pad, R Front Seat-Back (With Opds Sensor)$716.20
JVS377270-TK4-A31ZA + Pane*NH716L*$58.11
JVSE43022-TZ5-A01 + Pad Set, Rear$67.47
JVSC43022-TK4-A00 + Pad Set, Rear$67.47
JVSJ81537-TK4-L22 + Pad, L Front Seat Cushion$121.13
JVSO81137-SJA-G01 + Pad, R Front Seat Cushion$168.96
JVSY11200-RAA-A00 + Pan, Oil$169.21
JVS739011-STX-A32 + Panel (Painting)$1046.66
JVS839011-STX-A42 + Panel (Painting)$1046.66
JVS265550-SJA-A01ZZ + Pan, Spare Tire$308.99
JVSP81137-STX-L42 + Pad, R Front Seat Cushion$468.84
JVSQ81137-TK4-L22 + Pad, R Front Seat Cushion$121.13
JVSR81137-TK5-L62 + Pad, R Front Seat Cushion$121.13
JVSL81522-S3V-A52 + Pad, L Front Seat-Back$716.20
JVSX11200-P8A-A00 + Pan, Oil$191.45
JVSD43022-TZ3-A51 + Pad Set, Rear$78.96
JVSB43022-TA0-A40 + Pad Set, Rear$62.91
JVSK81537-TK5-L62 + Pad, L Front Seat Cushion$121.13
JVS539011-STX-A12 + Panel$1046.66
JVSZ11200-RDA-A00 + Pan, Oil$148.64
JVSH81537-SJA-E01 + Pad, L Front Seat Cushion$168.96
JVS111200-RN0-A01 + Pan, Oil$104.41
JVS939179-TK4-A13ZB + Panel *NH716L* (Premium Black Metallic)$1351.25
JVSV11200-P30-010 + Pan, Oil$167.98
JVSN81527-TK5-L62 + Pad, L Front Seat-Back$122.69
JVSM81527-TK4-L22 + Pad, L Front Seat-Back$122.69
JVSA43022-SV4-G22 + Pad Set, Rear$62.91
JVSG39582-SJK-J01 + Pad, Ear$17.11
JVS639011-STX-A22 + Panel$1046.66
JVS011200-RJA-010 + Pan, Oil$430.03
JVSI81537-STX-L42 + Pad, L Front Seat Cushion$468.84
JVSW11200-P72-010 + Pan, Oil$243.54
JVST81127-TK4-L22 + Pad, R Front Seat-Back (With Opds Sensor)$215.61
JVS439011-STX-A02 + Panel$437.40