S0 - Bulb, Front Turn (12V 21W) (S25)(Amber) (Koito), OEM Acura part #33301-ST7-J01

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Here you will find information about S0 - Bulb, Front Turn (12V 21W) (S25)(Amber) (Koito). Each part in online catalog has a unique oem parts number.

Acura Front Turn (12V 21W) (S25)(Amber) (Koito), part #33301-ST7-J01
  • Manufactured: Acura
  • Part number: 33301-ST7-J01
  • Part: Bulb, Front Turn (12V 21W) (S25)(Amber) (Koito)
  • Replaces: 34906-S6D-G01
  • Price: $3.56

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2002AcuraTL SEDAN5 Speed AutomaticTL, TL (NAVI), TYPE-S, TYPE-S (NAVI)
2003AcuraTL SEDAN5 Speed AutomaticTL, TL (NAVI), TYPE-S, TYPE-S (NAVI)

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S0UU57115-SEA-J51 + Bracket, Modulator (Vsa)$36.30
S0UF04606-TR0-A00ZZ + Bracket Set, R Front Sub-Frame (Front)$78.99
S0US52318-SL0-020 + Bracket, L Rear Stabilizer$46.54
S0U351390-STX-A03 + Bracket, R Front Compliance$221.46
S0UE79326-S0X-A11 + Bracket E, Heater Pipe$17.93
S0UC53438-S3V-A01 + Bracket B, Gear Box$6.49
S0UJ38201-S5A-A01 + Bracket, Fuse Box$19.64
S0UO51395-STX-A03 + Bracket, L Front Compliance$221.46
S0UY76207-TK4-A02 + Bracket, R (R.C.)$152.42
S0U765636-SZ3-A01ZZ + Bracket, Rear Bumper Stay$51.67
S0U877132-SL0-A01 + Bracket, Rear Console$43.55
S0U260638-TR3-A00ZZ + Bracket, R Front Bumper Extension$59.82
S0UP57456-SL0-A00 + Bracket, L Front Connector$11.10
S0UQ39161-S3V-A02 + Bracket, L Radio$111.44
S0UR77173-S0K-A10ZZ + Bracket, L Radio$28.72
S0UL74693-SL0-020 + Bracket, L Dumper Bar (Upper)$23.91
S0UX37821-5J6-A01 + Bracket, Powertrain Control Module$35.52
S0UD57116-S3V-A11 + Bracket B, Modulator$10.68
S0UB31113-P2T-000 + Bracket B, Alternator$52.46
S0UK76257-TK4-A02 + Bracket, L (R.C.)$139.94
S0U539111-S3V-A02 + Bracket, R Radio$111.44
S0UZ74692-SL0-020 + Bracket, R Dumper Bar (Upper)$23.91
S0UH38232-S0K-A00 + Bracket, ABS Fuse Box$3.11
S0U151691-SL0-013 + Bracket, R Front Brake Hose$43.98
S0U950827-SZ3-020 + Bracket, Rear Engine Mounting$86.35
S0UV81543-S9V-A00 + Bracket, Navigation Electronic Control Unit$15.29
S0UN51692-SL0-013 + Bracket, L Front Brake Hose$43.98
S0UM18282-SJA-A21 + Bracket, L Ex Mounting$11.29
S0UA77541-SZ3-A01ZZ + Bracket Assembly, Striker$67.04
S0UG54200-TK4-A83 + Bracket Set, Select Lever$72.59
S0U652317-SL0-020 + Bracket, R Rear Stabilizer$46.54
S0U018282-SJA-A11 + Bracket, R Ex Mounting$9.86
S0UI77148-SL0-A01 + Bracket, Center (Lower)$40.57
S0UW37821-RDJ-A01 + Bracket, PCM$156.26
S0UT57115-SZ3-A61 + Bracket, Modulator$128.94
S0U477140-SL0-A01 + Bracket, R Instrument Side$53.37
S0FU39820-SJA-A62 + XM Unit (Hip) (Pioneer)$3545.60
S0FF32120-TZ6-A00 + Wire Harness, L Cabin$410.74
S0FS39820-TL2-A55 + XM Unit (Hip)$2712.42
S0F336700-SJA-A02 + Acc Unit$1469.50
S0FE32120-SZ3-A44 + Wire Harness, L Cabin$740.11
S0FC32110-RK1-A71 + Wire Harness, Engine$410.29
S0FJ77961-SL0-A85 + Wire Harness, SRS Main$659.81
S0FO72810-TL0-J01 + Wthstp, R Rear Door$76.54
S0FY39790-SL0-023 + ABS Control Unit$1695.04
S0F736700-TY3-A06 + Acc Unit$1565.70
S0F836700-TZ5-305 + Acc Unit$541.05
S0F271570-SEP-H01 + Absorber, Rear Bumper$105.66
S0FP39820-SEP-A23 + XM Unit$980.02
S0FQ39820-STK-A54 + XM Unit (Hip)$1135.65
S0FR39820-STX-A44 + XM Unit (Hip)$988.12
S0FL71969-SA7-890 + Wrench, Sunroof$11.64
S0FX39820-STX-A46RM + XM Unit (RMD) (Warranty Only) (Honda Information Platform)$442.59
S0FD32110-RYE-A71 + Wire Harness, Engine$478.17
S0FB32110-RK1-A51 + Wire Harness, Engine$410.29
S0FK17910-SEA-G03 + Wire, Throttle$31.80
S0F536700-STX-A12 + Acc Unit$577.33
S0FZ39790-SZ3-A02 + ABS Unit$1217.19
S0FH77962-SZ3-A91 + Wire Harness, SRS Floor$292.85
S0F171170-SL0-010 + Absorber, Front Bumper$191.75
S0F936700-TZ6-305 + Acc Unit$541.05
S0FV39820-SJA-A66 + XM Unit (Hip) (Pioneer)$3785.52
S0FN72350-TL0-J01 + Wthstp, L Front Door$82.86
S0FM89211-SE3-003 + Wrench, Wheel$17.22
S0FA32110-RDJ-A54 + Wire Harness, Engine$764.73
S0FG32752-SJA-A01 + Wire Harness, Passenger Door$140.35
S0F636700-TY2-305 + Acc Unit$1597.06
S0F071170-SEP-A02 + Absorber, Front Bumper$78.08
S0FI77962-TY2-A01 + Wire Harness, SRS Floor$367.31
S0FW39820-SJA-A52 + XM Unit (Hip)(Delphi Delco)$1849.91
S0FT39820-TP1-A53 + XM Unit (Hip)$2612.22
S0F436700-SJA-A13 + Acc Unit$1167.48
S0SU44018-TL1-E51 + Boot Set, Outboard$33.94
S0SF42018-TZ7-A02 + Boot Set, Outboard$47.51
S0SS44018-SZ3-C22 + Boot Set, Outboard$47.51
S0S353546-SH0-A01 + Boot, Tie Rod End (Technical Auto Parts)$7.82
S0SE42018-S3V-A02 + Boot Set, Outboard$47.51
S0SC44017-SZ5-010 + Boot Set, Inboard$33.94
S0SJ44018-S3V-A62 + Boot Set, Outboard$47.51
S0SO44018-SJK-010 + Boot Set, Outboard$33.94
S0SY51464-S04-013 + Boot, Ball Joint (Upper)$3.03
S0S731523-TZ7-A02 + Box Assembly$42.93
S0S831521-SP0-010 + Box Assembly, Battery$18.40
S0S253546-S3V-A02 + Boot, Tie Rod End$4.70
S0SP44018-ST7-C05 + Boot Set, Outboard$33.94
S0SQ44018-STK-A02 + Boot Set, Outboard$33.94
S0SR44018-STX-A03 + Boot Set, Outboard$47.51
S0SL44018-S87-C52 + Boot Set, Outboard$33.94
S0SX51225-SR0-A01 + Boot, Ball Dust (Lower) (Technical Auto Parts)$3.88
S0SD44017-TK5-A51 + Boot Set, Inboard (Ntn)$47.51
S0SB44017-S87-A52 + Boot Set, Inboard$33.94
S0SK44018-S6M-010 + Boot Set, Outboard$33.94
S0S583412-TY3-A02ZB + Box *NH802L* (Light Jewel Gray)$466.20
S0SZ83415-TL0-G64ZA + Boot, Change Lever *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$35.29
S0SH44018-S0K-C32 + Boot Set, Outboard$33.94
S0S151383-SL0-010 + Boot, R Protector$20.32
S0S931521-SR3-000 + Box Assembly, Battery$19.51
S0SV44018-TX4-A01 + Boot Set, Outboard$33.94
S0SN44018-SEP-A01 + Boot Set, Outboard$33.94
S0SM44018-S9A-010 + Boot Set, Outboard$33.94
S0SA44017-S84-A01 + Boot Set, Inboard$33.94
S0SG44018-S0K-C22 + Boot Set, Outboard$33.94
S0S683412-TY3-A02ZA + Box *YR422L* (Light Orchid)$466.20
S0S051384-SL0-010 + Boot, L Protector$20.32
S0SI44018-S3V-A02 + Boot Set, Outboard$47.51
S0SW44018-STX-A51 + Boot Set, Outboard (Ntn)$47.51
S0ST44018-TA0-A51 + Boot Set, Outboard$33.94
S0S483412-TY3-A02ZC + Box *NH690L* (Premium Black)$466.20