SK - Buckle Set, Rear Center Seat Belt *YR423L* (Medium Orchid), OEM Acura part #04829-SJA-A01ZE

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Here you will find information about SK - Buckle Set, Rear Center Seat Belt *YR423L* (Medium Orchid). Each part in online catalog has a unique oem parts number.

Acura Rear Center Seat Belt *YR423L* (Medium Orchid), part #04829-SJA-A01ZE
  • Manufactured: Acura
  • Part number: 04829-SJA-A01ZE
  • Part: Buckle Set, Rear Center Seat Belt *YR423L* (Medium Orchid)
  • Replaces: 04829-SJA-A00ZE
  • Price: $61.49

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2011AcuraRL SEDAN6 Speed AutomaticRL, RL-ADV, RL-H, RL-TEC
2012AcuraRL SEDAN6 Speed AutomaticRL, RL-ADV, RL-H, RL-TEC

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SKUL52611-S6M-N04 + Shock Absorber Unit, Rear$152.15
SKUX43154-S3V-A13 + Shoe B, R Parking Brake$32.25
SKUD51611-TZ3-315 + Shock Absorber Unit, R Front$238.62
SKUB51611-TX8-A04 + Shock Absorber Unit, R Front$168.48
SKUK52611-S6M-A03 + Shock Absorber Unit, Rear$152.15
SKU565190-TZ3-305ZZ + Sill, L Front Inside$164.47
SKUZ19015-PR7-A04 + Shroud (Sak)$143.48
SKUH52611-SJA-A12 + Shock Absorber Unit, R Rear$189.84
SKU165190-S3V-A01ZZ + Sill, L Front Inside$770.20
SKU965140-SZ3-A03ZZ + Sill, R Front Inside$215.58
SKUV52610-S3V-305 + Shock Absorber, Rear$154.27
SKUN52611-SEP-A06 + Shock Absorber Unit, Rear$149.15
SKUM52611-SEP-A04 + Shock Absorber Unit, Rear$130.32
SKUA51611-TX6-A05 + Shock Absorber Unit, R Front$168.48
SKUG51605-ST7-N12 + Shock Absorber Unit, R Front (Showa)$150.92
SKU665190-SL0-A01ZZ + Sill, L Side$1354.85
SKU065190-S0K-A01ZZ + Sill, L Front Inside$515.77
SKUI52611-SJA-A52 + Shock Absorber Unit, R Rear$189.84
SKUW43155-S3V-A13 + Shoe B, L Parking Brake$32.25
SKUT52611-TZ4-A02 + Shock Absorber Unit, Rear$165.96
SKU465190-SZ3-A03ZZ + Sill, L Front Inside$240.42
SKFU75760-SB2-003 + Pin, Door Checker$6.10
SKFF64515-TZ3-325ZZ + Pillar, L Front$112.12
SKFS64121-ST7-310ZZ + Pillar, R Front (Upper) (Inner)$105.59
SKF380341-SZ3-A02 + Pipe A, Receiver$93.48
SKFE64515-TK4-A01ZZ + Pillar, L Front$465.16
SKFC64620-S3V-A01ZZ + Pillar, L Center (Inner)$78.79
SKFJ64521-ST7-310ZZ + Pillar, L Front (Upper) (Inner)$108.74
SKFO64115-TZ3-325ZZ + Pillar, R Front$112.12
SKFY18210-SJA-A03 + Pipe A, Ex$705.29
SKF750941-SEP-A11 + Pipe Assembly, Electronic Control Mount Solenoid (Mt)$6.26
SKF817650-TZ3-A01 + Pipe Assembly, Fuel Filler$120.85
SKF280341-ST7-A32 + Pipe A, Receiver$110.41
SKFP64130-SL0-320ZZ + Pillar, R Front (Lower) (Inner)$433.15
SKFQ64130-ST7-A01ZZ + Pillar, R Front (Lower) (Inner)$91.89
SKFR64120-SZ3-A03ZZ + Pillar, R Front (Upper) (Inner)$234.43
SKFL64220-S3V-A02ZZ + Pillar, R Center (Inner)$78.79
SKFX25910-RDK-010 + Pipe A (Atf)$17.08
SKFD64620-SJA-A02ZZ + Pillar, L Center (Inner)$150.92
SKFB04666-SEA-G02ZZ + Pillar Set, R Front (Lower) (Inner)$84.60
SKFK64740-STK-A02ZZ + Pillar, L Rear (Inner)$211.22
SKF580320-TY2-A02 + Pipe Assembly, Air Conditioner$158.73
SKFZ80343-S3V-A50 + Pipe A, Rear Receiver$44.01
SKFH64530-SZ3-G02ZZ + Pillar, L Front (Lower) (Inner)$157.19
SKF180341-ST7-A02 + Pipe A, Receiver$114.12
SKF950935-SEP-A01 + Pipe Assembly, Rear Electronic Control Mount$24.50
SKFV81142-SL0-013 + Pin, Headrest Snap$3.65
SKFN64115-TK4-A01ZZ + Pillar, R Front$465.16
SKFM64220-SJA-A02ZZ + Pillar, R Center (Inner)$150.92
SKFA64110-TZ5-305ZZ + Pillar Set, R Front (Inner)$130.94
SKFG64530-SL0-320ZZ + Pillar, L Front (Lower) (Inner)$433.15
SKF650941-SEP-A01 + Pipe Assembly, Electronic Control Mount Solenoid (AT)$6.82
SKF080312-S3V-A50 + Pipe A, Rear Suction$43.25
SKFI64520-SZ3-A03ZZ + Pillar, L Front (Upper) (Inner)$234.43
SKFW94201-20350 + Pin, Split (2.0X35)$0.76
SKFT64340-STK-A01ZZ + Pillar, R Rear (Inner)$211.22
SKF480321-ST7-A02 + Pipe A, Suction$146.29
SKSU74111-STK-A01 + Shield, Front Splash$58.50
SKSF44500-SS8-A01 + Shaft Assembly, Half$312.15
SKSS74111-SEP-A03 + Shield, Front Splash$119.98
SKS351602-S6M-C53 + Shock Absorber Assembly, L Front$571.01
SKSE44500-S3V-A10 + Shaft Assembly, Half$295.44
SKSC19200-PR7-305 + Set, Water Pump Assembly$345.54
SKSJ66500-S0K-A01ZZ + Shelf, Rear Parcel$139.26
SKSO66500-TK4-A01ZZ + Shelf, Rear Parcel$282.17
SKSY51602-S3M-A03 + Shock Absorber Assembly, L Front$502.16
SKS751602-SJA-A53 + Shock Absorber Assembly, L Front$404.22
SKS851602-STK-A07 + Shock Absorber Assembly, L Front$260.14
SKS251602-S6M-A23 + Shock Absorber Assembly, L Front$571.01
SKSP66500-TL2-A41ZZ + Shelf, Rear Parcel$616.62
SKSQ66500-TL2-A43ZZ + Shelf, Rear Parcel$616.62
SKSR74111-S3V-A01 + Shield, Front Splash$63.19
SKSL66500-SEP-A02ZZ + Shelf, Rear Parcel$219.91
SKSX74111-TR3-A00 + Shield, Front Splash$25.20
SKSD44319-S0X-A01 + Set-Ring (30X2.2)$6.04
SKSB43022-STK-A02 + Set, Pad Rear(Nac D6$62.91
SKSK66500-SEA-Q00ZZ + Shelf, Rear Parcel$405.73
SKS551602-SEP-A16 + Shock Absorber Assembly, L Front$224.80
SKSZ51602-S3V-A14 + Shock Absorber Assembly, L Front$439.22
SKSH44500-SCV-A00 + Shaft Assembly, Half (Mt)$321.21
SKS151602-S6M-A13 + Shock Absorber Assembly, L Front$571.01
SKS951602-STX-A06 + Shock Absorber Assembly, L Front$328.21
SKSV74111-STX-A02 + Shield, Front Splash$35.01
SKSN66500-SZ3-A53ZZ + Shelf, Rear Parcel$436.25
SKSM66500-SZ3-A03ZZ + Shelf, Rear Parcel$400.09
SKSA43022-SEP-C01 + Set, Pad Rear$62.91
SKSG44500-SCV-A10 + Shaft Assembly, Half (AT)$321.21
SKS651602-SEP-A25 + Shock Absorber Assembly, L Front$232.04
SKS051602-S3V-A16 + Shock Absorber Assembly, L Front$439.22
SKSI77501-TZ5-A02 + Shelf, Glove Box$78.11
SKSW74111-TK4-A10 + Shield, Front Splash$48.25
SKST74111-ST7-A02 + Shield, Front Splash$61.91
SKS451602-SEP-A08 + Shock Absorber Assembly, L Front$216.12