UW - Caliper Sub-Assembly, R Front, OEM Acura part #45018-S3V-A11

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Acura R Front, part #45018-S3V-A11
  • Manufactured: Acura
  • Part number: 45018-S3V-A11
  • Part: Caliper Sub-Assembly, R Front
  • Replaces: 45018-S3V-A10
  • Price: $510.49

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim

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Catalog NumberPart NumberImagePart NamePrice
UWUU71800-S0K-305ZF + Garnish Assembly*NH623M*$160.58
UWUF74890-TX4-A02ZC + Garnish *NH789M*$279.90
UWUS71800-S0K-305ZK + Garnish Assembly*NH603P*$145.98
UWU384443-STX-A02ZD + Garnish Assembly*YR240L*$18.35
UWUE74890-TX4-A02ZF + Garnish *NH700M*$279.90
UWUC53601-S6M-A59 + G/Box Sub Assembly, P/$1160.49
UWUJ84121-STX-H01ZD + Garnish Assembly R *NH690L*$38.81
UWUO84111-STX-A12ZC + Garnish Assembly*NH556L*$167.39
UWUY71850-S0K-305ZR + Garnish Assembly*NH643M*$145.98
UWU777295-S6M-A02ZA + Garnish Assembly, Center Console *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$58.02
UWU877295-S6M-A02ZB + Garnish Assembly, Center Console *YR232L* (Dark Titanium)$58.02
UWU284161-STX-A12ZA + Garnish Assembly*YR240L*$167.39
UWUP84443-STX-A02ZC + Garnish Assembly*NH556L*$18.35
UWUQ84211-STX-A02ZB + Garnish Assembly*NH557L*$25.01
UWUR84261-STX-A02ZB + Garnish Assembly*NH557L*$25.01
UWUL84111-SJA-A02ZD + Garnish Assembly R, Center P$91.99
UWUX71800-S0K-305ZR + Garnish Assembly*NH643M*$145.98
UWUD77451-SJA-A02ZA + Garnish *NH167L*$52.02
UWUB53601-S6M-A09 + G/Box Sub Assembly, P/$1160.49
UWUK71800-S0K-305ZL + Garnish Assembly R*B92P*$179.31
UWU577295-S6M-A04ZD + Garnish Assembly, Center Con$94.47
UWUZ84101-STX-A03ZE + Garnish Assembly*NH690L*$115.26
UWUH83547-SL0-A00ZE + Garnish A, R *NH1L* (Black)$118.78
UWU184161-STX-A12ZB + Garnish Assembly*NH690L*$167.39
UWU977451-SJA-A02ZB + Garnish Assembly, Front Defroster *NH557L* (Medium Gray)$52.55
UWUV71850-S0K-305ZF + Garnish Assembly*NH623M*$160.58
UWUN84101-STX-A03ZC + Garnish Assembly*NH556L*$115.26
UWUM77462-SEP-A01ZA + Garnish Assembly*NH167L*$37.55
UWUA38213-SM4-003 + Fuse, Block (50A)$7.34
UWUG83597-SL0-A00ZE + Garnish A, L *NH1L* (Black)$118.78
UWU677295-S6M-A04ZE + Garnish Assembly, Center Con$94.47
UWU084111-STX-A12ZB + Garnish Assembly*NH690L*$167.39
UWUI71850-S0K-305ZL + Garnish Assembly L*B92P*$179.31
UWUW84161-SJA-A03ZD + Garnish Assembly*NH636L*$91.99
UWUT71850-S0K-305ZK + Garnish Assembly*NH603P*$160.58
UWU484211-STX-A02ZC + Garnish Assembly*YR292L*$25.01
UWFU83420-S3V-A51ZA + Cover, Front Hinge *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$7.27
UWFF77300-STX-A01ZE + Cover, Driver (Lower) *NH690L* (Premium Black)$19.14
UWFS71129-TP1-A50 + Cover, Front Grille$59.77
UWF381128-SEA-J12ZF + Cover, Front Seat-Back *NH528L* (Moon Lake Gray)$145.83
UWFE77300-STX-A01ZB + Cover, Driver (Lower) *NH556L* (Grayge)$19.14
UWFC12310-P75-A01 + Cover, Cylinder Head$367.29
UWFJ83408-STK-A01ZB + Cover, Driver Console *NH557L* (Medium Gray)$193.41
UWFO74117-S3V-A01 + Cover, Front Bulkhead$43.55
UWFY81126-SZ3-A62ZH + Cover, Front Seat-Back *B96L* (Leather) (Light Lapis)$270.06
UWF781129-SJA-A03ZC + Cover, Front Seat-Back *YR240L* (Leather) (Light Cream Ivory)$247.36
UWF881128-SEA-J12ZD + Cover, Front Seat-Back *YR240L* (Light Cream Ivory)$145.83
UWF281129-SJA-A03ZA + Cover, Front Seat-Back *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$247.36
UWFP12310-P8F-A00 + Cover, Front Cylinder Head$107.98
UWFQ12310-PGK-A00 + Cover, Front Cylinder Head$149.82
UWFR12310-RCA-A03 + Cover, Front Cylinder Head$162.69
UWFL37823-RYE-A01 + Cover, Engine Control Module$6.83
UWFX83420-S3V-A51ZC + Cover, Front Hinge *YR203L* (Saddle)$7.27
UWFD77321-SEP-A00ZA + Cover, Driver (Lower) *NH1L* (Black)$32.18
UWFB83414-S0K-A01ZE + Cover, Console Socket *NH1L* (Black)$13.93
UWFK74111-SEA-E02 + Cover, Eng (Lower)$138.25
UWF581128-TL0-G12ZA + Cover, Front Seat-Back *NH690L* (Premium Black)$199.53
UWFZ81128-SEA-J12ZA + Cover, Front Seat-Back *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$145.83
UWFH77300-STX-A01ZC + Cover, Driver (Lower) *YR240L* (Light Cream Ivory)$19.14
UWF181128-S87-A62ZF + Cover, Front Seat-Back *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$374.76
UWF981128-TL0-G12ZC + Cover, Front Seat-Back *YR372L* (Premium Ivory)$199.53
UWFV83420-S3V-A51ZB + Cover, Front Hinge *NH528L* (Moon Lake Gray)$7.27
UWFN77285-SJA-A04ZA + Cover, Front *NH167L*$77.70
UWFM81195-SM4-J01ZA + Cover, Foot (Outer) *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$15.01
UWFA83403-SL0-A90ZA + Cover, Console Box *NH150L* (Flock Gray)$61.06
UWFG77321-TK4-A02ZA + Cover, Driver (Lower) *NH690L* (Premium Black)$23.63
UWF681126-SZ3-A62ZC + Cover, Front Seat-Back *YR169L* (Leather) (Mild Beige)$270.14
UWF081126-SZ3-A62ZA + Cover, Front Seat-Back *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$270.06
UWFI77300-STX-A01ZA + Cover, Driver *NH167L*$19.14
UWFW83420-S3V-A02ZB + Cover, Front Hinge *YR203L* (Saddle)$5.70
UWFT83420-S3V-A02ZA + Cover, Front Hinge *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$5.70
UWF481129-SJA-A03ZB + Cover, Front Seat-Back *NH556L* (Leather) (Grayge)$247.36
UWSU81526-SZN-A52 + Frame, L Front Seat-Back$2155.37
UWSF71145-SD4-671 + Frame, Front License Plate$30.01
UWSS81526-STK-A12 + Frame, L Front Seat-Back$1967.02
UWS360911-SEC-A01ZZ + Frame, L Front Side$111.72
UWSE60431-S3V-305ZZ + Frame, Front Bulkhead (Upper)$151.99
UWSC04601-SJA-A01ZZ + Frame Set, R Front Bulkhead (Upper)$122.54
UWSJ60483-STX-A01ZZ + Frame, L Front Bulkhead (Upper)$64.38
UWSO81526-TK4-L22 + Frame, L Front Seat$1044.83
UWSY60910-SJA-A02ZZ + Frame, L Front Side$591.15
UWS765660-S3V-305ZZ + Frame, L Rear$1027.10
UWS865660-S3V-A10ZZ + Frame, L Rear$1067.34
UWS260910-TK4-A01ZZ + Frame, L Front Side$546.22
UWSP81536-S6M-305 + Frame, L Front Seat Cushion$468.45
UWSQ81526-S3V-A32 + Frame, L Front Seat-Back$318.15
UWSR81526-SJA-A02 + Frame, L Front Seat-Back$907.44
UWSL65160-STX-A02ZZ + Frame, L Front Floor$653.09
UWSX60910-S3V-A02ZZ + Frame, L Front Side$1430.43
UWSD77105-TL0-G02 + Frame, Center Pocket$33.83
UWSB04611-SJA-A01ZZ + Frame Set, L Front Bulkhead (Upper)$122.54
UWSK65160-S3V-A01ZZ + Frame, L Front Floor$1059.91
UWS581736-S3V-A12 + Frame, L Middle Seat Cushion$253.55
UWSZ60910-STK-A01ZZ + Frame, L Front Side$811.37
UWSH77550-SZ3-A03 + Frame, Glove Box$32.66
UWS160910-SZ3-A02ZZ + Frame, L Front Side$588.40
UWS965660-S6M-A50ZZ + Frame, L Rear$452.77
UWSV81526-TL2-A02 + Frame, L Front Seat-Back$1189.99
UWSN81526-TK4-A13 + Frame, L Front Seat$1044.83
UWSM81526-SJA-A14 + Frame, L Front Seat$1576.95
UWSA04611-SEF-E01ZZ + Frame Set, L$116.13
UWSG81539-SEC-A52 + Frame, Front Seat Cushion$105.48
UWS681726-S3V-A32 + Frame, L Middle Seat-Back$281.64
UWS060910-STX-A01ZZ + Frame, L Front Side$847.76
UWSI77551-ST7-A91 + Frame, Glove Box$24.64
UWSW60900-SL0-A01ZZ + Frame, L Front Side$3794.62
UWST81526-STX-A02 + Frame, L Front Seat-Back$1078.99
UWS460901-SL0-310ZZ + Frame, L Front Side (Outer) (Rear)$824.28